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car rental business in dubai

Car rental business Dubai-All Things you need to know

According to global polls, the car rental and leasing business are one of the industries that will grow by 2021. Because of recent advances, such as innovation, the automobile sector is now one of the most powerful on a global scale. In Dubai, the rental and leasing of automobiles are booming. Given the global popularity […]
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uae vat designated zones

UAE VAT Designated Zones

(Since the creation of the GCC VAT framework, and even before the implementation of the UAE VAT Law, one question that comes into most enterprises is whether VAT applies in Free Zones. Entrepreneurs want to know if the VAT laws for free zones would change and if there would be any reductions in the VAT […]
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influencer license

How to apply for an influencer license in Dubai?

What is an influencer license? Is it mandatory? The National Media Council of UAE(NMC) is always keen on introducing laws and regulations to protect the privacy and sensitivity of people. NMC looks upon all media-related activities in the country introduced a license for social media influencers, which is known as an E-media license. The National […]
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meydan freezone

Company Formation in Meydan Freezone

Dubai’s Meydan Freezone is a defined economic zone. It provides convenient access to the emirate’s logistical corridor as well as nearby air and seaports. Meydan Stadium, which houses Meydan Free Zone, is a Dubai government initiative that aims at bringing the world closer to the Emirate of Dubai by hosting international horse racing events. Furthermore, […]
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event management license in dubai

5 Easy steps to get an Event management license in UAE

 Around the world, event management company is exploding. The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, is considered one of the world’s events capitals. This industry attracts a lot of money to Dubai, so much so that events and exhibitions at the Dubai World Trade Centre are anticipated to bring in USD 3.3 billion. Every year, it […]
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residence visa

5-years residence visa in Dubai

A UAE residence visa is a permit that allows foreign people to live in this country for a long period of time. The visa can be valid for 3, 5, or even 10 years and may be renewed as many times as a person needs. Many international families living in the Emirates for generations, just […]
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LLC Company Formation in UAE

Limited Liability Company(LLC) Setup in UAE

While talking about the best place for starting a new business, Dubai is the place that is always attracted by business owners. Business Setup in Dubai is always in the top position. There are many reasons, which make it the best one : llc company formation in dubai 100% Tax-Free LLC company formation in Dubai […]
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business setup in dubai

Branch Office Setup in UAE

Setting Up a Branch Office in Dubai Business Link UAE is a leading business setup consultant in Dubai and helps in Branch Office Setup in UAE. Business Link UAE provides all the basic knowledge and information to the entrepreneurs to start and setting up a branch office in Dubai. Most of the international companies have […]
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liquidity services auction

Company Liquidation

Business Link UAE is the best liquidator in Dubai and now they are offering company liquidation services in UAE, guiding peoples step by step, helping them to achieve their goals in a cost and time-effective way. liquidity services auction Liquidation of a company is like an activity of winding-up or deregistration where the final step […]
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Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai

Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai

How to Setup Local Company Branch in Dubai, UAE? The luxury and highly-evolving Dubai is a sea of opportunities. Business setup in Dubai is a dream of many. From cosmetics to medicine to small businesses, Dubai welcomes all. This also allows Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai. It works as a golden opportunity for foreign […]
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