5-years residence visa in Dubai

A UAE residence visa is a permit that allows foreign people to live in this country for a long period of time. The visa can be valid for 3, 5, or even 10 years and may be renewed as many times as a person needs. Many international families living in the Emirates for generations, just keeping on renewing their visas regularly.

UAE permanent residency does not exist as such. Being a UAE permanent resident simply means having a visa stamp in your passport and constantly living in this country.

Who is eligible for a UAE Residence Visa?

To qualify for a UAE Residence Visa, you have to fall under one of the following categories:

  • Who works under a governmental office, or in a private company.
  • Study in a UAE educational institution
  • The dependence of a UAE citizen or foreign resident (child, parent, maid, or a close relative)
  • To have an investment in the UAE
  • To have a property in the UAE
  • Retire in the UAE

Types of UAE Residence Visas

The types of UAE Residence Visas are divided depending on the purpose of your travel. As such, there is the:

  • Work Visa- Issued to foreigners who have found employment in the UAE and obtained a Work Permit.
  • Student Visa – Issued for foreign nationals who are studying into a UAE educational institution
  • Family Visa – Issued to the close family members of UAE citizens or foreign residents
  • Investment Visa (long-term residence) – Issued to foreign nationals who make a substantial investment in the UAE. This type of visa is issued for a longer duration than other types of residence visas (up to ten years)
  • Retirement Visa – Issued to elderly foreigners who want to retire in the UAE and have the necessary financial means to do so.

How to get a 5-years residence visa in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s leading countries in the field of investment. The United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai, in particular, grant an investor visa, which entitles investors to reside in the country’s lands. Because Dubai is one of the most important regions in the world that attracts world citizens due to its impressive lifestyle. Dubai has come up with an innovative scheme to attract investment and at the same time fulfill the dream of thousands of people from all over the world to settle in Dubai and obtain a residence visa, through which all purposes of preparing a business, establishing companies, or residency can be achieved. so that’s why It’s good news for all who wish to live in the United Arab Emirates. Learn about the requirements and steps to obtain a five-year residency in Dubai

Eligibility for a 5-year visa

The following categories are entitled to apply for a 5-year residence visa in the UAE.

  1. Investors in a property in the UAEConditions:Granting a visa is subject to the following conditions:
  • The investor must invest in a property of a gross value of not less than AED 5 million.
  • The amount invested in real estate must not be on a loan basis.
  • The property must retain for at least three years.

2. Entrepreneurs

  1. This category includes those having an existing project with a minimum capital of AED 500,000, or those who have the approval of an accredited business incubator in the country.The entrepreneur allows a multi-entry visa for six months, renewable for another six months. The long-term visa includes the spouse and children, a partner, and three executives.

       3. Outstanding Students

This includes:

  • outstanding students with a minimum grade of 95 percent in public and private secondary schools
  • university students within and outside the country having a distinction GPA of at least 3.75 upon graduation.

The long-term visa includes families of outstanding students.

Steps to obtaining a visa:

  • Medical fitness test.
  • Temporary closure of family residence/cancellation of the family residence
  • Cancellation of visa for the applicant.
  • Residence permit for 5 years.
  • Issuance of Emirates ID for 5 years
  • Lifting the temporary closure of family residence.

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Limited Liability Company(LLC) Setup in UAE

While talking about the best place for starting a new business, Dubai is the place that is always attracted by business owners. Business Setup in Dubai is always in the top position. There are many reasons, which make it the best one : llc company formation in dubai

  • 100% Tax-Free
  • LLC company formation in Dubai is quite easy for investors.

How to Setup a Limited Liability Company in UAE?

The LLC formation in Dubai can be done with a minimum of 2 years. Around 50 shareholders can get their share depending upon their share in the company, ut the condition is that the company, which is formed, cannot perform any activity related to banking, investment, or insurance.

One of the major LLC company formation requirements is that the sponsor or silent partner must be around 51% of the share within the company. Whereas the other investor or expatriate investor must have around 49% of the share in that. After this, the agreement process by the silent partner to the court undertaking that there will be no involvement of him towards the company.

At Business Link UAE, you will get the best services related to the LLC business setup in the UAE. We have the best team, who will assist you with the best business setup. To clear all your doubts related to the business formation, including the cost. After understanding your requirements, type of business, budget, and other things, we offer the best guidance about the Limited Liability Company Formation in UAE.

At Business Link UAE, you will meet the best experts, who are having extensive knowledge about the Dubai LLC company registration.

We are the one who has helped the small, large, and medium-scale company and resolved their queries related to how to set up an LLC company in Dubai, UAE.

  • To set up an LLC company in UAE, first of all, you should select the trade name and the services that you are providing.
  • Select the location where you are offering the services.
  • You should have information about visas, legal documents, and other things.

What are the Benefits of LLC Company Formation in Dubai?

  • One can form an LLC Company in Dubai for a minimal amount of money.
  • It will become easy to manage a business, as there will no interference from the side of the local partner.
  • It is quite easy to open a corporate account, and there is an amazing facility of credit for LLC companies.
  • An LLC company can access the economy of Dubai.

Requirements for Getting an LLC License in Dubai

After 10th August 2009, the Government of Dubai has canceled all the capital requirement rules and regulations. They have introduced the concept of the Limited Liability Company Registration Dubai.  Here are the major requirements that a company should follow for getting an LLC license in Dubai.

  • Select the right legal structure of the business
  • Choose the size of the business that you want to start.
  • Make a selection for the services that you will offer to your clients.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development of UAE, which is vital to get a license.
  • Choose land or warehouse to start the business.
  • Processing labor cards, legal documents, and processing visas

To have more information about the LLC company setup Dubai contact the experts at Business Link UAE.

Branch Office Setup in UAE

Setting Up a Branch Office in Dubai

Business Link UAE is a leading business setup consultant in Dubai and helps in Branch Office Setup in UAE. Business Link UAE provides all the basic knowledge and information to the entrepreneurs to start and setting up a branch office in Dubai. Most of the international companies have started their branch office setup by following the procedures related to it in UAE.business setup consultants in dubai

The branch office in Dubai allows or permits by the UAE government to do all the activities the same as per its parent company, but on the other side, the representative office allows to do only marketing of the products of its parent company in the UAE. business setup in dubai

Business Setup Consultants In Dubai

How to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai?

For establishing a branch office in UAE, a Local Service Agent (LSA) is required, who represents the company in government institutions and does not have any involvement in the operations of the company. The most important step is to prepare the documents for registration of the company and for that business link is there to help you out, where you can get a simplified registration process at very cost-effective prices. They have a team of experts and professionals, who help the clients to open a branch office quickly and proficiently.

Once the local service agent includes the process of branch office setup in Dubai. Then he will engage in process of name reservation, approaching DED and the MOE for Initial approval.

Documents Required for Setting Up a Branch Office

We need to submit the below documents to  the Ministry of Economy:

  • Name Reservation Process: The very first step in establishing a branch office in Dubai is to reserve the name and prepare documentary proofs, that a particular business name has been reserved.
  • Prepare Application Forms: Start the process for registration and licensing.
  • Director’s Passport Copy
  • No Objection Certificate: Get the NOC from the parent company, and also the power of attorney in the name of the director.
  • It requires a Passport Copy and neutralization book of the Local service agent.
  • Parent Company’s board resolution: A copy of the board resolution required for opening up a branch office in Dubai. Business Setup Consultants In Dubai
  • Parent company’s business details such as Memorandum of articles and certificate of Incorporation are required. Business Setup Consultants In Dubai
  • UAE’s government approval: Government approval requires before starting commercial activities in the branch office of Dubai. The main authorities are mentioned below:

                            Ministry of Economic and Commerce

                            Company Registrar

                            Chamber Of Commerce

Benefits of Opening a Branch Office in the UAE

Business Setup Consultants In Dubai

The globalized location of Dubai makes it the best place to start any new enterprise here or opening a branch office. The parent company can retain all the money and enjoy the favorable tax system as there is no corporate tax charge by the government of the UAE, earn by the branch office.

There are also different types of Branch offices in the UAE. They are:

  • Branch of Local Company
  • Branch of Foreign Company
  • Representative Office
  • Subsidiary Office

So at Business Link, we help you in setting up all the four kinds of branch offices in UAE according to your needs. For more information, you can contact us at +97143215227.   

Company Liquidation

Business Link UAE is the best liquidator in Dubai and now they are offering company liquidation services in UAE, guiding peoples step by step, helping them to achieve their goals in a cost and time-effective way. liquidity services auction

Liquidation of a company is like an activity of winding-up or deregistration where the final step is processing. There are many more types of definition which shows liquidation.

Liquidation is the procedure an obligation-loaded organization starts to wrap up its activities and offer its benefits so as to reimburse said liabilities and different commitments. An organization exchange when it learns that the business isn’t in any state to proceed. This might be because of different reasons, for example, bankruptcy (generally the primary reason), reluctance to continue with the tasks, and so forth. liquidity services auction

In the event that the venture is bankrupt, the vendor offers the organization’s advantages for reimbursing all liabilities. The positive equalization in the wake of reimbursing the leasers is then appropriate among the organization’s investors.

liquidity services auction

Process of Company Liquidation

The outlet sells all benefits that he esteems essential, aside from money and bank adjusts.

The cash brought up as such is then disseminate among different lenders. Be that as it may, this reimbursement embraces dependent on a pre-built-up request. The principal inclination is given to the organization’s verify leasers. The rest of the cash is then used to release special banks, i.e., charges because of the administration, pay rates of workers, and so on.

Any exceptional sum is then apply to remunerate debenture-holders and different liabilities verify by a gliding charge on all benefits. Next, unbound banks and inclination investors satisfy.

At long last, if there is an overflow of assets after every one of the installments references above, they convey among investors. In the meantime, if there should arise an occurrence of a deficiency, investors are approaching to pay up their unpaid offer of capital.

Insolvency Resolution Process and Company Liquidation Cost

  • Services fee and extra charges of employees other than workmen.
  • Financial fee owed to unsecured creditors.
  • Dues paid to the Government and dues owed by a secured creditor who has realized security interest but the proceeds are insufficient to meet the debts
  • Residuary debts and charges
  • Shareholders preference
  • Shareholders or partners equity

liquidity services auction

Liquidation pertains to the process of winding up and completely shutting down a company’s operations. After the liquidation process is complete, the company will consider as closed in government view.

Apart from business setup services and PRO services we have a team of professionals for liquidating/ winding up your company. For more information regarding company liquidation in Dubai, UAE, please contact Business Link UAE at +971556070118 and get our professional services.

Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai

How to Setup Local Company Branch in Dubai, UAE?

The luxury and highly-evolving Dubai is a sea of opportunities. Business setup in Dubai is a dream of many. From cosmetics to medicine to small businesses, Dubai welcomes all. This also allows Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai. It works as a golden opportunity for foreign companies who want to retain 100% ownership of their business. free zone company in Dubai

What is a branch company?

The branch office is a separate office or an extension of an ongoing business, mostly a foreign parent company. It is a great way to expand the local business. Like any other company, the branch office also needs a trade license for the proposed business activities

free zone company in Dubai

How to Open a Local Company Branch in Dubai?

Branch office setup in Dubai is possible in the mainland and free zone. Opening a branch of a free zone company in Dubai is subject to registration, licensing, and specific share capital requirements as per the authorities. While planning to set up a branch office in Dubai, you must consider the following things

  • The branch company can run the same activities as the parent company.
  • The parent company needs to apply for the necessary licenses with the authorities of Dubai to get permission for the branch company.
  • It is considered as a part of the foreign company and not a separate entity.
  • The obligation and debt of the branch company will be a liability of the parent company.
  • Taxation will be applicable only on the income earned.

Documents Needed  For Local Company Branch Setup in Dubai

Business Link UAE helps you with a smooth registration process and the documentation part that includes tradename registration and more. Here’s the list of documents required:

  • Proof of reserved trade name
  • Application for registration and licensing
  • Director’s passport copy and NOC from present sponsor
  • Parent company license copy, memorandum of association, and certificate of registration
  • Approval from other authorities basis business activity, if any

Now all these documents, along with the registered office lease agreement, need to submit to the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai for acquiring the Certificate of Registration for the branch company.

free zone company in Dubai

Once done with the documents, it’s time to get the license to start a branch office in Dubai. Just like any other company, a branch company is eligible to have any of these licenses

  • General trading license to carry out trading activities
  • Industrial license for various industrial activities
  • Commercial license to sell good and services in the area
  • Or, any other license issued by free zone authorities bases on the area of interest

Business Link UAE can help you understand the licensing requirements in detail that apply to your branch office.

Taxation of Branch of Local Company in Dubai

As already discussed, the taxation will be applicable only on the income earned in the UAE, but they need to register for VAT. Yes, there is a specific tax regime of 20% corporate tax for branch companies set up by the foreign banks. Else, it is well-known that Dubai has unmatched flexibility with its taxation system.

It is a great business opportunity to set up a branch office in Dubai and earn the benefits you always wanted to. Business Link UAE is here to guide you throughout the process and help you register your company. Our consultants take care of the clients from the nascent stage of finding a location, local agents to documentation and licensing, and more. Feel free to contact us regarding any visa or licensing terms in Dubai, UAE.

Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai has a huge market for manufacturing and trading cosmetics, food, and health products at an international level. After a simple registration process. No, it’s not complicated at all. For running a smooth business in Dubai. Business Link UAE is here to assist you with product registration in the Dubai process in a jiffy. Here’s all you need to know.

What is the Purpose of Product Registration in UAE?

Any imported or manufactured product in a country needs to undergo the process of product registration by relevant authorities. Before the sale or promotion of products in Dubai, each product needs to undergo registration. It provides smooth access/entry in the UAE and the GCC markets. The product registration in Dubai involves getting permission from several authorities. Including the health department, food department, safety department, and most importantly Dubai Municipality (DM). It helps the trader and manufacturer by protecting the label for the brand.

Things to Consider During Registration Process

It is important to register the product in Dubai keeping these points in mind

  • Cosmetic/Food product registration – Here, each product needs to register with every necessary information mentioned on the product label. The same goes for food product registration. This gives proper information to buyers relate to the product being purchase.
  • Further, DM checks the components used in the cosmetic or food product. There should not be any harmful element that’s not suitable for human intake, else it will be rejected. DM is particular about consumer safety and product quality with critical inspections and surprise testing.
  • With everything integrates into one place, everyone is updated with all details related to the product in Dubai including the government, traders, and customers.

Benefits of Registering Products in Dubai

DM registers each product import in the local Dubai market and a registration certificate a lot from seamless shipping. Here other benefits of product registration

  • Restricts import or trading of unsafe and harmful products in the Dubai market.
  • Ensure only high-quality and safe products sale
  • Brand title and image secure

Product Registration Process Steps in UAE

  • The company should be set up in Dubai or the Free zone with a trade license
  • Register company with DM along with contact and email address
  • Apply for label assessment by submitted product to CPSS for sampling.
  • The product must comply with the most recent standard and regulations specified
  • All vital information requirements related to product origin, nutritional information, etc.
  • It is valid for 5 years
Why Choose Business Link UAE for Product Registration?

We are one of the best business setup consultants in the UAE. With years of experience, we are here to help you at every step from business setup in UAE to product registration. We will help you review product-related documentation, updates about product registration in UAE, offering deals with external partners or lab services, and more.

Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

Owning a business in the UAE is like a dream come true for many. From high revenue to exposure to the international market to tax relaxations, the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai are numerous. But before you enjoy the benefits of running a business, you need to observe various rules and regulations of the country, one of which is trademark registration in the UAE. As we are well-aware, the trademark means owning a brand name or logo for your business. So, if you are planning to set up a business in UAE, we at Business Link UAE are here to guide you through the trademark registration process.

Benefits of Logo Trade Mark Registration

Dubai trademark registration is valid for 10 years and comes with numerous benefits, including

  • Secures the identity of your business and differentiate you from your competitors
  • Gives you the right to sue other companies in case of infringement against unauthorized use of your trademark
  • If trademark register then you can protect yourself from getting sue by another company
  • Act as proof of your legally protected rights
  • It values the growth of business and can be a franchise
  • This improves your business image and speaks your vision

Logo Trademark registration process in the UAE

Business Link UAE is one of the best consultants and is here to help you with the legalities involved in the trademark registration process that include following formalities or steps

  • The initial investigation starts with the submission of the application with the Trademarks Registrar Office.
  • Trademarks Registrar Office investigates/cross-checks. If the trademark applies to the registration and being used by anyone or unique
  • Unique trademark needs submission of application with an image of the trademark.
  • Require document (mention below in the blog) together with the fees (filing fee is AED 1000 + other charges)
  • Application publish by Trademarks Registrar Office in 2 local newspaper
  • Any other business can file the case for duplicity within 30 days of this publication
  • If no case/opposition receive within 30 days, trademark registration and a certificate of registration is issued

Documents required for Trademark Registration

  • Application form for requesting trademark registration service
  • Trademark sample that includes – soft copy of the trademark image in black and white color
  • Applicant’s passport, ID, and contact details
  • Copy of application certificate of incorporation in case of a corporate applicant
  • Trademark registration certificate from another country, if it already registers somewhere
  • Fee payment
  • Power of attorney- In case you choose Business Link UAE trademark registration service, you need to appoint us as the power of attorney to complete the process on your behalf

Cost/fee involved in the registration process

  • Filling fees – AED 1000
  • Publication in 2 local newspaper – AED 1500
  • Trademark certificate – AED 10000
  • Other charges, if any

For a smooth and quick process of trademark registration, connect with us. We are a reputed consultancy operating for the past 18 years in UAE. Our aim to make you focus on your business and leave the legalities to us. We want all our clients to have an amazing experience in Dubai, so we guide them throughout the process.

Company Liquidation in UAE

Dubai is an amazing place to visit. It is an equally interesting destination for business setup. Starting a business in Dubai makes people think of unfavorable conditions where god forbids what if they have to wind up. Well, relax! Dubai is a place where everything is simple for everyone’s good and so are we here to support you with the understanding and guidance on company liquidation in UAE.

What do you mean by company liquidation?

Liquidation is the closing of operations. When an LLC company, branch company, or free zone company shuts down or closes its function, it goes under liquidation or winding up the company. In this cancellation process, the assets are distributed across shareholders and creditors.

When do you need to liquidate the company?

The inevitable condition of liquidation happens when

  • The corporation runs out of liquid funds
  • A serious offense committed by the company
  • The company is unable to pay the creditors or employees
  • Owners quit the plan to continue the services of the company.

Steps involved in the closing company:

  • Appoint a liquidator and share the name and address
  • Share notice of company liquidation
  • A shareholder meeting to pass the resolution for liquidation
  • In case of LLC, resolution to be attested by Notary Public (not required for free zone company)
  • Shareholders from outside UAE need to share resolution that’s attested and notarized by the UAE embassy of the respective country, followed by legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice, UAE
  • Fees submission to Department of Economic Development (DED) for company liquidation certificate
  • Settle all utility and other bills, cancel visas, ban account, etc. with license cancellation
  • Post ad in 2 local Arabic newspaper
  • 45 days waiting time for other companies to file a financial claim if any
  • Submission of a newspaper ad and audit report to DED
  • Clearance report from Ministry of Labour and Immigration, DEWA, Etisalat


The company liquidation in UAE is a tedious task that requires permission from various departments in Dubai. It Includes the immigration department, labor department, electricity, and water department, telecom authority, landlord, and banks.

To simplify your life and avoid any mistakes, Business Link UAE is here to help you by performing this process for your company. We carry years of experience as consultants in Dubai in setting up a business, pro services and licensing process and liquidation, and more. We believe in assisting our clients in each step to make them have a smooth stay in the country and leave the stress of documentation on us.

Representative Office Setup in UAE

How to Setup a Representative Office in the UAE?

Dubai is a place where one can face many challenges to set up a new business. But there are also many options in UAE, such as free zones and mainland LLCs, which have pros as well as cons. Free zones offer foreign ownership and tax benefits. But the mainland provides limited business activities and trade. The Representative office setup in UAE is different from the branch office.

Simple Setup: To start a representative office in the UAE, first you have to find out a local service agent (LSA). LSA will help to deal with the UAE authorities and it will act as your representative in the UAE market. To choose the company name and business activity to start and apply to the DED for approval. After the DED approval then apply to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) for approval.

Then the next step is to know the documents required to set up a representative office in UAE. For approval, your application should have proof of permission to set up a representative office, business activities detail, certificate of incorporation, memorandum, and articles of association.

Simple pricing structure: The pricing structure to set up a representative office in UAE is simple and transparent. It includes more steps, this can be expensive to start a representative than to a standalone business. The location to start a business and the nature of your business exactly describe the cost included for business.

Multiple Visas requirements: Setting up an office in Dubai requires multiple visas and it should be according to yoursoffice. And you can also establish your office with multiple shareholders.

Representative Office vs Branch Office

An existing business in the UAE can be a representative office, and there are certain differences between the representative office and the branch office. The characteristics that define branch vs representative office can be described as related to business activity. A branch office turns a profit while doing business in the UAE, but a representative company would be established for marketing or promoting your foreign company in the UAE.

Benefits of Representative Office Setup in Dubai

To grow the existing business, then a representative office in Dubai acts as an influential marketing and promotional tool. It allows us to set up the business in the ever-growing Dubai market, with lesser cost and favorable tax conditions.

Cost-effective and no share capital requirement: As the basic and most of the business resources remain with the parent company, and the operations are not so big, so the representative office set up cost is not so high. There is no share capital requirement to set up a representative office with smaller operations.

0 % corporate tax rate: As per the rules and jurisdiction in Dubai, Parent companies can take advantage of free zones set up, with a 0% corporate tax rate.

To have more information about the representative office set up in UAE, contact our experts at Business Link UAE.

Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE

 How to Open Branch Of Foreign Company Setup In Dubai, UAE?

An existing business can extend as an office with the same legal identity as of existing business. It is like any parent company opens it’s another branch with the same name. To promote its business and marketing of the products. It is a very fruitful and profitable business in the UAE. If they go into to Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE.Branch Of A Foreign Company In Dubai

For opening a foreign company branch in Dubai, a local service agent (LSA) is required. Foreign company formation in Dubai can be done with the help of business setup consultants, they will help you to perform administrative functions of obtaining permits, visas, and licenses, etc.

The process and documents required to Setup a Branch of a foreign company in Dubai 

  • Apply application to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) for approval.
  • Reserve the trade name and initial approval of the relevant Dubai’s department of economic development (DED).
  • After getting approval from MOE, then submit a further application to the department of economic development (DED).
  • Then DED will issue a commercial license to a representative office. Annually it can renew and it is valid for a year.
  • After this the process for leasing office space get starts.
  • Then your company’s branch can open bank accounts in Dubai, can obtain visas, and labor cards for your employees.
  • After having bank accounts, you can register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. business setup in uae

Benefits of Opening a Branch Office in Dubai, UAE

Parent Company Retains all the money: The money earns by branches of foreign companies has no corporate tax charged by UAE. In this way the parent companies can retain all the money with them can enjoy the UAE’s favorable tax system.

Globalized Location of UAE: The UAE has a perfect location from the business point of view, which means you do business globally, and can reach your clients in Asia, Africa, and Europe easily.

Easy Operations and audit processes: There is no need to set up separate finance functions for the branch office in Dubai. The administrative processes and all other operations are easy to handle in the branch office. So you can open a branch office in Dubai easily and in no time. Tracking of branch office and parent company can be done legally, therefore the audit can be done easily.

Exposure of new market: It requires a big capital amount and many legal formalities to open a new business.  As the foreign company formation cost is affordable to open a branch of a foreign company in Dubai. Exposure of the new market of UAE is beneficial for the parent company and it is a cost-effective way of entering the market of UAE.

Open a branch office of your foreign company in Dubai or anywhere in UAE efficiently with the help of Business Link and expand your business easily. You can contact us if you have any doubt about foreign company formation cost in UAE and can get guidance from our professional consultant Setup your company branch office in UAE with us.