Business Setup in MASDAR City Abu Dhabi

A-Z About Business Setup in MASDAR City Abu Dhabi

Masdar City is a hub for SMEs or free zone business setup who are into discovering or generating energy products. It is known as the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company project that is focused on creating the area as energy-efficient. The clean and modern global hub is evolving as the center of generating renewable energy. Business Setup in Masdar  city free zone has the most efficient business-policies. It constitutes of four interconnected business units i.e. Masdar Power, Masdar Institute of Science and Technologies, Masdar Carbon, and Masdar Venture Capital. Well, if all of this excites you to have a business here, this blog is for you. For Masdar city free zone company formation, it is necessary first to learn more about its advantages and legalities. business setup in abu dhabi

Benefits of Masdar City Company Formation

  • No personal income or corporate tax applicable
  • Import tariffs are not applicable
  • Easy registration, visa processing and more
  • Allows repatriating capital and profits
  • Full foreign ownership
  • Cost-effective office space and licensing process
  • Amazing location with Abu Dhabi International Airport and Khalifa city nearby
  • Liberal investment options
  • Modern infrastructure with updated technology and facilities
  • Stepping stone to spread business in local or international markets

How to Start a Company in Masdar City?

Just like any business setup in Abu Dhabi, Masdar city company setup also involves the submission of specific documents, understanding the licensing, office space rentals and more. Let’s begin by understanding the legal entities. Masdar city allows for business registration under these legal entities

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch of foreign/locally registered company

Documents Required for Masdar City Company Formation

  • Entity/business needs to present the trade name
  • Office lease contract
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation of the company (if the company is owning it)
  • Passport copy of owner (if the individual is owing it)
  • Copy of certification of incorporation of parent/foreign company (if the branch company is setting up)
  • Passport copy, visa details and contact details of manager
  • List of activities to be undertaken by the company in Masdar city
  • Documents needed in the Arabic language too
  • Collect approvals from Authorities of Abu Dhabi Masdar City

What Are the License Activities Available in Masdar City?

  • Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational institutes
  • Clean Tech and ICT
  • Marketing and media
  • Event organizers
  • Human Resources
  • Energy Industry
  • Healthcare Services
  • Property Development Services
  • Trading Companies
  • Business Centres and Data Centres
  • Non-profit or NGO
  • Oil and Gas Services
  • Retail, Food, and Beverage

The license is valid for one year at Masdar city. It varies from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000 (charged annually) depending on the number of activities being carried out. This amount does not include registration and visa processing fees.

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Business Setup in TWOFOUR54 Free Zone Abu Dhabi

Everything You Need to Know Business Setup in TWOFOUR54 Free Zone

From tourism to business, Abu Dhabi has a lot to explore and keeps people stick to this magnificent place. From cosmetics to manufacturing, Abu Dhabi Free Zone welcomes all. And one of the many businesses allowed here, media is a famous one. So, if you are a media enthusiastic, Twofour54 free zone in Abu Dhabi, established in 2008, is the hub for media companies, whether local or international. From the house of Media Zone Authority (MZA) – a great player in the Arabic media content creation industry, Twofour54 is a media hub along with in charge of supervising operational policies in the free zone. Business setup in the Twofour54 free zone is a dream come true for media houses, both big and small. It has around 600 freelancers and 4,000 professionals. It has 3 infrastructures, including

  • Training center – Twofour54 Tadreeb
  • Innovation center – Twofour54 Ibtikar
  • Modern facilities – Twofour54 Intaj

Why Setup a Company in Twofour54?

Free zone company formation in Abu Dhabi is applicable for major 4 business type

  • Branch company of an existing UAE or foreign company
  • Startups or entrepreneur in media or content production
  • The freelancer who want to be a part of an existing media house
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) that can have independent or corporate shareholders.

Free zone company setup comes with numerous benefits some of which are

  • No corporate or personal taxes
  • 100% ownership
  • 100% repatriations of profit and capital available
  • Media training space for professionals
  • Strong business networking, especially for startups and freelancers
  • In the case of international film or TV production, a 30% cash allowance is available
  • Advance post product and HD production facility available
  • Cost-effective set up with a great location

Business License Available in Twofour54

  • TV/film production
  • Animation/gaming
  • Online media
  • Publishing house
  • Mobile

How to Setup Business in Twofour54 Abu Dhabi?

If you are planning to set up business in Abu Dhabi free zone – Twofour54, Business Link UAE is here to help you through the process.

  1. Select business structure for registration
  2. Get a trading name
  3. Fill the application form with a trading name, names of the owner, shareholder, and capital details
  4. Submit related documents
    1. Business plan copy
    2. Passport copies of all involved
    3. Passport size photograph on white background
    4. Approval for name and activity
    5. Updated CV
    6. Reference letter from the bank
  5. Get all documents approved from the free zone authority
  6. Deposit the required licensing fee
    1. License is valid for a year
    2. It should be renewed annually
    3. A business license is received in a week
  7. Get a bank account open after receiving the required license

We, at Business Link UAE, are here to guide you through the process of company registration and licensing. Our team of experts is there for instant issue redressal and support until your business is up and running.