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Complete Guide on Authorities Involve in Business Setup in Sharjah

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business setup in sharjah

Sharjah is an amazing place but business setup in Sharjah isn’t easy because there are a lot of things involved. Sharjah is one of the safest global cities considering the low crime rate. Over the years, the place has also received an economic boost.

Sharjah follows a very basic and fair judicial system offering a constant competitive lease structure and fees structure. Since there’s so much skilled workforce available in Sharjah, the multilingual and multicultural workforce is common as well. Anyone applying for a job in Sharjah can opt for uninterrupted provision of equipment and labor with the 24*7 Visa hotline.

The business set up in Sharjah follows a comprehensive guideline which is why you will need to choose it accordingly. The business sector in Sharjah is constantly growing thereby bringing about several opportunities for people. Since there’s an International airport nearby, you can easily opt for a business setup in Sharjah. The geographical location of Sharjah is one of the main reasons why so many investors are taking an interest in the place. The prominent investors are bringing interest and power to the business. Growing and incorporating a business in Sharjah is no longer a tough task.

Authorities Involve in Business Setup Sharjah

Sharjah Economic Development Department

The individual emirate of UAE follows a comprehensive independent government authority that provides licenses to different businesses according to the jurisdiction. The Sharjah Economic Development Department is a public author that offers constant legal aids to business owners thereby helping them get licensed to keep up with the business activities.

Immigration Department

The immigration department takes proper care of business owners and entrepreneurs. If you want to opt for company formation in Sharjah, you will need to clear all documents with the immigration department. The immigration department is responsible for providing stamps on the visa documents for the foreign business owners and recruits which can eventually play an important role in starting or operating the business.

Department of Economic Development, UAE

The Department of Economic Development is aiming to boost the economy in Sharjah. However, they mostly focus on different sectors like entrepreneurship development, retail development, and foreign investment. This department issues the trade licenses and would contribute to company formation in Sharjah.

The DED in Sharjah offers a wide range of licenses for different administrative offices and online e-portals accordingly. Some of the prominent licenses offered by the department include the following

  • Print License
  • Reserve Trade Name
  • Issuing Trade License
  • Manage License Contract
  • Issue Legal Contract
  • Issue Initial Approval
  • Update Mobile Number
  • Approve Legal Contract
  • Print Legal Contract
  • License Activities’ Terms and Conditions
  • Pay Inspection Fines

Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labor is responsible for hiring employees for setting up a company in Sharjah. It offers the benefit of the local workforce and ex-pat workforce. Businesses that are transferring to Sharjah, need to register their employees as per the Sharjah jurisdiction and get their employees and employers registered as per detail. The standard database of information needs to be maintained to boost the complete workforce across UAE.


The management consultant agencies would play a key role in setting up business in Sharjah. These consultant agencies help to lessen the gap for services for the clients. Reach out to prominent ones for the best benefits.

Sharjah Company Registration Process

  • Register the trade name and it should be unique
  • Get the approval for Commercial Lease
  • Get special permits from regulatory bodies
  • Apply for the business license
  • Approval for signboards, sales, and company or the promotion of its products
  • Get your labor card provided by the ministry of labor
  • To get your Immigration card


Benefits of setting up a business in Sharjah:

  • 0% Tax Exemption
  • No limits on the number of visas
  • No Auditing
  • Business Activity selection
  • Suitable location


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