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Ecommerce License in Dubai: How to start it?

e commerce license dubai

Dubai has become a hub for entrepreneurial businesses. While so many offline businesses are being set up here, online businesses are finding their way here. However, they need to have an online e commerce license in Dubai to operate. Since business laws in Dubai are pretty strong, whether you start drop shipping in the UAE or any other business, you need to have a proper license.

Professionals such as Business Link UAE can help you set up online business in Dubai. However, you need to comply with the rules and regulations to meet the criteria. The sector for ecommerce in Dubai is growing at a massive rate. Hence, you should consider setting up a company in Dubai.

Ecommerce Business In Dubai

The sector for ecommerce in Dubai has become one of the most demanded business categories. In the past few years itself, the business sector has grown massively. If you want to set up an online business in the UAE, you need to consider the basics as well.

Moreover, the online business world brings in several opportunities. It is advisable to consider getting into the online business in the UAE. Since the ecommerce sector is an ever-growing one, you can find potential for growth and eventually earn a lot. Over the years, several businesses have switched to online business in Dubai. Hence, you should consider applying for the e commerce license in Dubai in today’s time. With very minimum investment, you can consider getting a huge return on investment.

Ecommerce business in Dubai is one of the fastest growing markets. The demand for online shopping is increasing. Hence, the customer mindset is changing too. With more customers wanting to explore the online market, this is one of the most prominent industries to invest in.

Do you want to get the cheapest e commerce license in Dubai?

When you start dropshipping in the UAE or any other online business, you need to apply for a business license in Dubai. Hence, before applying for the license, you will surely want to know what the ecommerce license Dubai cost is.

Most online buyers are concerned about the price of the product. Similarly, the entrepreneurs are also concerned about the ecommerce license Dubai cost. If you want to get the cheapest ecommerce license Dubai, you need to apply in a freezone.

There are several free zones in Dubai that allow online business in the UAE. The Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup offers a very affordable e commerce license UAE. However, the greatest benefit is that you do not need any upfront cost. If you have a stable internet connection and good internet, you are good to go. But, it is necessary that you have a proper knowledge about the market. Moreover, when you set up online business in the UAE free zones with the help of Business Link UAE, you will get many benefits. The free zones in Dubai levy 0% personal and corporate tax. Moreover there is 100% exemption on the custom tax.

But, there are many other reasons why you should consider Dubai Free Zone Company Setup. You get a better return on investment for your capitals and profits. Moreover, in the free zones, there are no currency restrictions either. If you want the cheapest ecommerce license in Dubai, Business Link UAE can help you get that.

Dubai CommerCity Free Zone

The Dubai CommerCity Free Zone is one of the most prominent free zones in the Dubai. This free zone is solely dedicated to promote growth of ecommerce activities. Moreover, one of the greatest reasons for setting up business here is that it helps regional and global brand growth. Like all the free zones, it has great tax exemptions, with no corporate and income tax.

The strategic location of Dubai CommerCity promotes the online business in the UAE. It is located just 5 minutes away drive from Dubai International Airport and 45 minutes drive from the Jebel Ali Free Zone. If you want to get your online business license Dubai in this zone, Business Link UAE will assist you in the process.

How to get your e commerce license in Dubai?

e commerce license dubai

Starting your online business in the UAE can offer several benefits. Some of the prominent reasons why entrepreneurs set up online business in the UAE is its global location and zero tax. Small factors are encouraging the growth of big businesses in this region.

Dubai is the hub for entrepreneurial activities supporting the growth of many businesses. However, setting up an online business license in Dubai is pretty complicated. The entrepreneurs need to have proper knowledge about the laws. Business Link UAE will guide you through the process of license application. As per the regulations, you can freely set up an online business in Dubai. If you have an online business license in Dubai, you can operate it from any part of the world.

Choose the legal structure of your company

If you want to get an online license in Dubai, you need to have proper legal structure of the company. Hence, you will need to decide whether you want to set up a branch company or LLC. Comparatively, LLC Company Formation in Dubai and setting up branch can serve various advantages.

Select a location 

When you select a location, you need to understand where you want your license from. Online entrepreneurs can select from two locations- Free zone and Mainland. If you choose Free Zone company setup, you can get 100% ownership. However, as per the new laws, Mainland business setup can too have 100% ownership. Well, both of these zones have their advantages. It is advisable to consider the factors for both business types. The selection of zones will eventually have a huge impact on your business.

Register the trade name

When you apply for an online business license in Dubai, you need to register a trade name. The trade name can be similar to that of your website domain’s name. However, it is necessary to ensure that the name is not offensive. If the domain name of your company is the same as that of any other company, you may fall into legal trouble.

Apply for license

To start an online business in the UAE, it is necessary to apply for an ecommerce license. The Department of Economic Development looks into the license procedure for the main zones. However, it is necessary to know that you need to apply to the particular freezone authority to get the ecommerce license in the UAE. The approval of the license will depend on the type of business you’re setting up.

Apply for the Approval Certificate

The next step is to apply for an Initial Approval Certificate. Every online or ecommerce business before setting up in Dubai needs to apply with this NOC. It is not renewable and lasts for only six month. You can apply for the Initial Approval Certificate when you apply for the trade name.

Draft the Memorandum of Association

The local agents can play an important role in applying the memorandum of association. It needs to be submitted to the DED. If you have already decided the location of your company, you need to apply for the MOA. However, this is essential for companies in the mainland and not for the ones in the free zone.

Register the physical office

Once you have applied and submitted the Memorandum of Association, you need to register a physical office in Dubai. Even if you are an online business, you need to have a small physical entity to ensure the existence of your company.

Final Approval

The final approval of the license arrives in seven business days after the verification of above-mentioned processes.

Import and Export Business

Many online businesses in Dubai are indulged in import and export. Hence, you need to check what the custom tax on the goods is. The companies in free zones do not need to apply for the custom tax.

Open a corporate bank account

After receiving the ecommerce license in Dubai, you need to open a corporate bank account too. The application process is fairly simple. However, if you do not have enough time for you, Business Link UAE will do it for you.

Different Types of e commerce license in Dubai

Before applying for an ecommerce license in Dubai, you need to know about the different types. The online entrepreneurs in Dubai can get three types of ecommerce license. The approval for these licenses completely depends on the type of business you own and nationality.

Some of the common types of ecommerce license in Dubai to apply for include the following

E-trader license

If you are into selling products and services online, you need to get the e-trader license. The Department of Economic Development regulates and monitors the e-traders. However, this license is given to GCC and UAE nationalists. The e-trader can have single ownership. However, businesses with this type of license cannot own office space.

Virtual company license

As the name goes, this type of license is suitable for online companies. The virtual company license was launched recently by the collaboration of DIFC and Dubai Economy. This license is for foreign investors. However, this license will be eligible for three sectors- designing, printing and computer programming.

Portal license

Portal license is one of the most popular e commerce licenses in Dubai. The non-UAE residents can also apply for portal licenses. You can immediately start an online business in Dubai with your portal license. The portal license helps to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers. With a portal license, businesses can enlist all their products on their website.

Benefits of setting up ecommerce business

e commerce license dubai

Dubai free zone

Free zones have always been one major choice for businesses in Dubai. This is mostly because they offer tax exemption benefits. But that is not all. Whether you want to set up an online business or offline business, free zones can always be an ideal choice.

Some of the prominent benefits of setting up ecommerce business in Dubai free zone include the following

  • You can obtain a virtual license without a physical office space.
  • The free zone package is extremely suitable for startups.
  • The free zones have customized warehouses where you can store your products.
  • The companies in the free zone can get a waiver of customs duties and imports.

Dubai mainland

Obtaining a business license in Dubai Mainland can be tough. But, Business Link can ease the entire process for you and help you get some of the best benefits. Some of the common benefits of applying e commerce license in Dubai mainland include the following

  • The ecommerce license holders can set up their business and store their products in a warehouse. They can easily sell all their products to the UAE market.
  • Apart from ecommerce business, the license holders can also get into general trading. As a result, the business entrepreneurs will get several opportunities to expand their business.
  • The office setup cost in Dubai Mainland is pretty low. Similarly, the cost of warehouse and storage is extremely affordable too.
  • Dubai Mainland has a very strategic location. Hence, with better logistics support, companies will be eligible for door-to-door delivery.
  • The businesses have better flexibility to operate. Hence, if you set up a physical office, you can get more staff and eventually get access to better business activities while having an existing e-commerce license.
  • According to the VAT law, the businesses need to pay 5% VAT for all their transactions.

Why choose Business Link UAE?

Business Link UAE has helped several businesses. If you want an e commerce license in Dubai, we will help you. In our years of experience, we have helped several businesses. However, you need to let us know about your requirements.

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