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Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE

Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE

How to Open Branch Of Foreign Company Setup In Dubai, UAE?

An existing business can be extended as a branch office with the same legal identity as of existing business. It is like any parent company opens it’s another branch with the same name to promote its business and marketing of the products. It is a very fruitful and profitable business in the UAE if they go into to Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE.

For opening a foreign company branch in Dubai, a local service agent (LSA) is required. Foreign company formation in Dubai can be done with the help of business setup consultants, they will help you to perform administrative functions of obtaining permits, visas, and licenses, etc.

The Process to Setup a Branch Office in Dubai Mainland, UAE

There are various steps that a parent company has to follow to start a branch of a foreign company set up in Dubai. Have a look below:

  • Apply application to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) for approval.
  • Reserve the trade name and initial approval of the relevant Dubai’s department of economic development (DED).
  • After getting approval from MOE, then submit a further application to the department of economic development (DED).
  • Then DED will issue a commercial license to a representative office, which will be valid for a year and can be renewed annually.
  • Then the process for leasing for office space gets started.
  • Then your company’s branch can open bank accounts in Dubai, can obtain visas, and labor cards for your employees.
  • After having bank accounts, you can register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The above-mentioned process also provides information about documents required for setting up a foreign company in Dubai.

Benefits of Opening a Branch Office in Dubai, UAE

Parent Company Retains all the money: There is no corporate tax charged by UAE, on the money earned by branches of foreign companies. In this way the parent companies can retain all the money with them can enjoy the UAE’s favorable tax system.

Globalized Location of UAE: The UAE has a perfect location from the business point of view, which means you do business globally, and can reach your clients in Asia, Africa, and Europe easily.

Easy Operations and audit processes: There is no need to set up separate finance functions for the branch office in Dubai. The administrative processes and all other operations are easy to handle in the branch office, so you can open a branch office in Dubai easily and in no time. The tracking of branch office and parent company can be done legally and therefore auditing can be done in a hassle-free way.

Exposure of new market: As we know that opening any new business is not a simple process, as it requires a big capital amount, various legal formalities involved, and a risk factor is also there. But this is not the case of opening a branch of a foreign company in Dubai, as the foreign company formation cost in UAE is affordable. Exposure of the new market of UAE is beneficial for the parent company and it is a cost-effective way of entering the market of UAE.

Open a branch office of your foreign company in Dubai or anywhere in UAE efficiently with the help of Business Link and expand your business easily. You can contact us without any doubt and get valuable guidance from our professional consultants and come to know about the foreign company formation cost in UAE. Setup your company branch office in UAE with us.