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Sharjah Free Zone Company Setup

Sharjah Free Zone

Sharjah Freezone

Sharjah Free Zone

Sharjah Free Zone Business Setup

If you are looking for setting up a business in Sharjah free zone and exploring the benefits, cost, or other essentials that are necessary for company setup, then you are in right place. Business Link UAE is the best option for the entrepreneurs as we meet the requirements of our clients to build a business setup in Sharjah.  Well, it is a bit difficult to start a business in a foreign land due to this we are here to assist the people who are here to get the information.

How to Start a Company in Sharjah Free Zone?

Well, it is very easy to build a company in the Sharjah free zone if you have a perfect plan. The proper research, accurate decision making, and the upcoming rules and regulations are the major steps. All you have to do is to follow the steps.

  • Make the perfect business setup plan including required finances, etc.
  • Determine a company name and save it along with the desired free zone.
  • Decide the suitable infrastructural setup.
  • Determine the workforce needed for the company.
  • Deposit the mandatory fee in the bank account
  • Finalizing the business registration as well as the licensing process
  • Finalizing business setup activities by getting masses shareholders, corporate shareholders, and so on.  

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Sharjah Free Zone

This must come to your mind what are the advantages of setting up a company in Sharjah free zone. For your information, Sharjah is one of the largest emirates of UAE and land on the Gulf of Oman as well as the Persian Gulf. Sharjah is suggested as the best shipping region and build an industrial base for the United Arab Emirates.

The free zones also provide affordable land as well as labor and incentives to every type of enterprise. In the following, there are the huge merits of the Sharjah free zone business setup such as it offers the 100% repatriation of capital and profits, foreign ownership, no currency restrictions, and more.

Including this, they have advanced infrastructure as compared to the rest and offering 24-hour licensing facilities for the rapid business setup. Along with this, there is great privacy with the limited financial planning along with the cheaper lease rents and so on.  

Documents Required Setting Up a Company in Sharjah Free Zone

To get the approval for Sharjah free zone company setup you must have valid documents. But it varies by the type of business activities and in the following; there is the list of the documents to get the approval for business setup.

While starting a business in any corner of the world, there is the requirement of the documents such as passport copy, visa copy, and also a nominal advance. In the same way, to setup a business in Dubai or the other emirate of the UAE, the submission of such documents is necessary such as completed application form, colored passport copies of the business shareholders, and so on. 


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