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How to setup a business in Hamriyah Free Zone?

hamriyah free zone

Hamriyah Free Zone: everything you need to know

Hamriyah Free zone is the second-largest free zone in the UAE. UAE is the hub for business activities. The Hamriyah Free zone is located in Sharjah. Moreover, Hamriyah free zone is also among the oldest established free zones of the UAE.

It is one of the most common industrial and commercial spaces in the UAE. Like most of the free zones, this free zone too has a very strategic position which helps to boost the business formation process. Apart from being one of the oldest, it is also one of the largest industrial free zones promoting various activities.

If you are an investor and wants to do Sharjah Free Zone Company Setup with complete ease, then Hamriyah free zone is the perfect destination. Moreover, if you are new to this place, Business Link UAE can provide you consultancy services too. We will guide you through everything you need to know about the Hamriyah free zone.

What is Hamriyah Free Zone?

Hamriyah Free zone is also referred to as Al Hamriyah free zone. Over the years, it has helped in the setup of various businesses from 160 nations. It is the third largest emirate. Hence, Hamriyah free zone also has the title of Cultural Capital of the Arab World.

Hamriyah Free zone has a very strategic border. Hence the foreign investors can get various opportunities. The Arabian gulf is located in the west and the Gulf of Oman is located to the East. Hence, it has a very strategic location in the Far East and Europe. This is giving way to the development of several companies in this region. Businesses and entrepreneurs from Iran, India, and Iraq can easily do the business setup in dubai, UAE.

Why should you set up a business in the hamriyah free zone?

hamriyah free zone

Hamriyah is the only free zone in the entire Emirates that has ports around the Arabian sea and Arabian gulf. Because of its strategic location, it is very easy to regulate their business with the global shipping network. All major international trade activities take place from the Hamriyah port only.

Apart from ports, Hamriyah has some well-connected roads that lead to Bahrain, Oman and so on. The Hamriyah free zone authority takes care of all these activities and ensures there are no fraud activities carried out.

The advantages of setting up business in the Hamriyah free zone include the following

Strategic Location

The strategic location is one of the prime reasons why major entrepreneurs set up their business here. Moreover, it is located in the intersection of the major transport hubs.

Wide range of activities

When you set up a business in the Hamriyah free zone, you have the flexibility to regulate various business activities. You can eventually regulate businesses such as service, ecommerce, trading and more.


The Hamriyah free zone supports the regulation of various activities. Hence, businesses of all sizes can easily function in this region. Whether you need a port or road connectivity, Hamriyah free zone has it all.


Hamriyah freezone also has the regulation of various services. Whether you need on-site business service or off-site, you can get all benefits like auditing and banking in this region.

100% ownership

One of the prime reasons why foreign investors invest in the Hamriyah freezone is because they get 100% ownership. Unlike offshore business setup and mainland business setup, you won’t have to worry about sharing your profit. If you want, you can easily set up your business and get all the profits.

All the business activities in the Hamriyah freezone are regulated by the Hamriyah Freezone authorities. Some of the more benefits of Hamriyah Freezone business setup include the following

  • Access for GCC and UAE markets
  • Flexible leading for lands especially for the first ten years
  • Wide range of benefits on VAT
  • 24-hour security
  • Beneficial telecommunication structure

Choices in warehouses and offices

Investors interested in setting up business in Hamriyah freezone can easily opt for warehouses and offices. One of the prime reasons for setting up a business here is that you will get different options for setting up business in terms of warehouses and offices.

Some of the common choices include the following


In the Hamriyah Free zone, warehouses are available in different sizes. If you are into logistics, you can choose the pre-built warehouses. These warehouses follow the government compliance for safety measures. Moreover, these warehouses come with a wide range of benefits such as wide parking space, extra utilities and extensive IT infrastructure.


All the offices are equipped and contain the essential features. Most of these offices have various facilities and flexible spaces. Depending on your business requirements, you can either lease a small space or a large one. Moreover, most of these businesses get the option for renewable leases too. Furthermore, the other perks that you will get in Hamriyah free zone include office rooms with internet facilities, renewable leases and large parking spaces.

What are the types of licenses in hamriyah free zone?

hamriyah free zone

Whenever you are planning to set up business in Hamriyah Freezone, Business Link UAE can help you with consultancy services. Depending on the business owners requirements, the HFZA usually offers three types of business licenses.

With the help of these business licenses, you can easily conduct profitable business in Hamriyah. The licenses that Business Link UAE can help you get in Hamriyah are

Industrial license

Hamriyah freezone is one of the largest industrial hubs. Hence, with the help of an industrial license in Hamriyah, you can easily import the raw materials for your business needs. Furthermore, the license holders can work with local agents and distributors who will help you sell products in the UAE market.

Service License

This is one of the most important licenses in the Hamriyah freezone. The service license holders can easily conduct different business activities and offer services to the customers. However, it is necessary to note that the service license holders can only offer services within the Hamriyah freezone.

Commercial License

The commercial license holders can conduct a wide range of commercial tasks. They can export, import and distribute the products. Furthermore, the license also gives them the flexibility to sell and store items. Depending on the business characteristics, you may get specific trading, ecommerce or general trading licenses.

How to set up a business in the hamriyah free zone?

You need to follow a comprehensive procedure for setting up business in the Hamriyah freezone. Business Link UAE can help you with the process of business set up in the Hamriyah freezone.

There are three types of legal status for setting up business in the Hamriyah freezone. The statuses that you will need to follow for setting up your business in Hamriyah freezone include the following

Free zone Establishment

This type of company has only one shareholder, who can either be an individual or company.

Free zone company

This type of company setup has two to five shareholders. The shareholders may either be individuals or companies.

Branch company

If you have an international company you can choose a branch company. It is very easy to start a branch company here.

No matter what type of company you are setting up in the Hamriyah freezone, you need to meet the basic requirements. The common steps for setting up business in the Hamriyah freezone include the following

You need to submit all documents needed for the company setup. The documents should be signed. Business Link UAE can help you with the document submission and signature.

It is necessary to make payments depending on the type of company you want to set up. The payment amount will vary depending on the business you’re setting up.

Get your trade license. It is only after you submit all the documents that you get the trade license.

What are the packages and facilities in the hamriyah free zone?

You get a wide range of benefits in terms of packages and facilities. Hence it is beneficial when you set up a business in the Hamriyah freezone. Depending on your requirements, you can lease warehouses. Some of the common offerings for each business setup include the following


The FZE and FZC companies often get three packages. However, as far as visa permits are concerned there are only 7 of them. The visa allows the businesses to take part in different categories and activities.


The price of a warehouse package will vary depending on the plan you are choosing. Furthermore, you can also choose the incorporation charges. Depending on the charges, the warehouse size and facilities will vary too.


The lands in Hamriyah free zone are available for short and long-term leases. Business Link UAE can help you get a standard idea about what the price will be.

HBC Offices

There are only 2 HBC office packages for FZE offices. This package holders can indulge in export and import facing. However, it is necessary to note that you will get only one visa for setting up the Hamriyah Business Centre Offices.

Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process of business setup in Hamriyah. Call us today to know more.

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