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How e-channel system works ?

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Internet and automation are everything your business needs today. This is achievable with smart systems and so, UAE has launched an e-channel system. The scheme was a part of UAE 2021 vision under the slogan ‘Smart Services with Future Vision’. This unified immigration system already been implementing across the country. smart services dubai

Benefits of e-channel registration
  • Convenience – The user does not need to visit offices anymore with everything online. From visas, to travel permits, everything can be applied online. This single platform design to standardize all processes, saving applicants’ time planning to set up business in UAE.
  • Quicker processing – Swift and high accuracy process for visa and residency services. One can track the progress with ease over the portal. For corporate firms too, the website offers immigration-related services
  • Paperwork fuss – With everything online, paperwork reduce to ensure things are done digitally and accurately. Even the payment process,  perform via the online portal. E-receipts are generated once the payment is done. All records organize at digital platform
  • Relief for immigration and administration centers – It shares the burden of administration centers. The uncountable application and rush at the immigration centers are no more with applications submitted online. Now they can free to manage more complex things smart services dubai
E-channel process

The E-channel registration process needs the following steps.

  • Visit e-channel portal
  • Select structure – individual or establishment
  • After selecting preference, click on the registration
  • Verify email for data security and authentication
  • Next, all instructions will be sent to the registered email
  • On the next page, enter details related to the establishment. (Legal advisor can be of help)
  • Fill user details
  • After all detailed submission, the e-channel registration process is complete
  • Final confirmation taken
  • On the e-channel immigration system, click Start Service to proceed
E-channel registration fee

The E-channel process has two kinds of fees. One is initial registration and the other is refundable security.

  • E-Channel Registration Fee (One-time): 2200 AED
  • Security deposit (Refundable): 5000 AED

Some other charges will also be there, such as renewal fee, MOI fee, etc. So, largely the estimation price may lie between AED7200-9000.

How Business Link UAE helps?

The use of e-channel services in the UAE is not complex with Business Link UAE. We simplify the business setup process in Dubai. We accelerate the process with the e-channel portal that allows you to keep all up and down aside and just focus on your business. There’s no scope for committing mistakes with paperwork, fee submission, and more. Our team of experts is working day-in and day-out to serve you better with the best of knowledge and technology.

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