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How to set up a restaurant business in UAE.

Are you planning for restaurant business in UAE

The food or restaurant business is the only business, which is very famous in Dubai, and people from different regions across the globe set up their business in the United Arab Emirates. In the last few years, thousands of restaurants are opened in Dubai from multiple cuisines, which makes Dubai one of the best places for starting up a restaurant business in UAE.

But starting a new food is very much challenging for business owners as they all face a lot of concerns while setting up a new business. But you do not get to worry Business Link is always here to help you in starting a new business and they are the ones who can answer you about How to set up a restaurant business in UAE?

Steps required to set up a restaurant business in UAE:

Get a trade license

The first step for getting a new restaurant business is to get a trade license. For getting a license, it is very much important that a person must follow the right path, and Business Link is the one, who offers the best consultation related to it.

Choose any preferred Location

Location is the most important factor when you want to run a restaurant business. There are many different zones in Dubai, which are very much established where a business owner can easily start a business. No matter, whether you want to start a business in the residential sector, you will find out the best and highly secure zones in Dubai.

Choose whether you want to opt for free zone or Mainland

While you want to run a restaurant business in Dubai, then you have two choices for starting a business, which are a free zone and On-Shore. While you will choose a free zone, then you have to pay less to establish your business.

On the other hand, if you will choose Mainland, then you will get a lot of advantages for starting a business including flexibility in employment, benefit in choosing the right business location,  and the process for setting up a business is very much easy.

What are the various pre-requirements of running a restaurant business in the UAE?

  • One must meet all the minimum set of standard as suggested by the Food control department
  • A restaurant must have stainless steel shelves
  • There must be a separate basin for washing hands.
  • There must be a chimney installed in a cooking area, and it must 2 meters high
  • The wall, floor, and roof must be fireproof, non-absorbent, and washable.

Still, you are having any issues, then you can reach Business Link, who can guide and assist you at every step of setting up a Restaurant Business in UAE. Business Link will help you with all the legal formalities and approvals to ensure that you get in a cost-effective manner.
Here you will meet the expert guidance and which can make you run your restaurant business wisely. We thrive to make the process of your Company Formation in UAE  hassle-free, no matter which business package you pick.

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