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How to Start Company in Dubai Airport Free Zone?

dubai airport free zone

Dubai airport free zone is a popular attraction for foreign customers. This is mostly because the foreign investors get the benefit of maximum ownership, unlike that of offshore or onshore zones. The Dubai airport free zone is around the main airport of Dubai to help businesses regulate easily.

Dubai airport-free zone is designed to help businesses grow. Nonetheless, it is advisable to gain a license for functioning in this area. Businesses, local as well as foreign entities, can apply for business setup in Dubai. If you are new, you should work with professional companies to get maximum benefits. Furthermore, it is advisable to get in touch with a local agent who can ease the process for business setup.

Dubai Airport Free Trade Zone

Unlike most of the business zones of Dubai, the airport-free zone allows free trading zones. Therefore, it is one of the most common areas to proceed with easy business formation. The cost of setting up a company in this zone is extremely beneficial. One of the most common benefits of setting up business across the Dubai airport free trade zone is that you benefit from world-class architecture.

Most of Dubai’s success is dependent on the free zone authority. It has become one of the fastest-growing economies, with a free trade zone. It is one of the most common cosmopolitan and advanced locations offering several benefits.

Business Link UAE has been helping businesses for a long time to set themselves up in this zone. One of the most notable things about the Dubai airport-free zone is its strategic location. Moreover, the place is also the home to several facilities, which makes it stand out from others.

It is for this reason that the investors are considering spending in Dubai. Since the airport-free zone has a comprehensive location, it has many benefits. Dubai is one of those locations that operate around the clock. The airport-free zone is always active with numerous trade activities going around. Whether you want a simple office or extensive, you need to comply with the rules.

dubai airport free zone

Strict rules

Setting up business activities in Dubai is no joke. Although you can easily set up a business, it is necessary to determine the impact. The rules are very strict in Dubai, and they apply to every company operating in Dubai. Therefore, anyone setting up a business in Dubai should consider checking the rules.

There are around 1600 companies in Dubai free zones. When establishing a company in Dubai, it is crucial to meet the needs. Furthermore, it is also necessary to understand how it will help in the long run. If you want to set up a business in the Dubai free zone, you need a local agent. Business Link UAE is a local agent. Hence, they are familiar with all the rules and regulations of Dubai. Therefore, when you work with a local agent, it becomes highly convenient for you and helps you avoid all the mistakes.

Documents are extremely important. Therefore, all investors are advised to follow the rules and regulations and submit valid documents.

Types of Legal Entities in DAFZA

Dubai airport free zone is popularly known as DAFZA. Investors looking forward to establishing Dubai Airport Free Zone Companies need to know what legal entities are valid. In DAFZA, the foreign investors are allowed to set up only the following entities.

Free Zone Company

The free zone companies in Dubai can have 1-50 shareholders. The shareholders, however, can be corporations or individuals. Every shareholder must hold a minimum amount of share capital. The minimum amount of share capital is set by the government. Therefore, it is necessary to follow it and regulate accordingly.

Branch Office of Existing Company

If you have an already established company in foreign countries, the investors are established to set up the company. The branch office will have complete ownership of the parent company and will be free to carry out similar activities as that of the parent company.

What are the types of free zone business licenses?

Individuals or businesses looking forward to setting up Dubai airport free zone companies need a proper license. As said earlier, it is extremely crucial to maintain the rules and regulations. Some of the common types of licenses that one can acquire for setting up the types of Dubai free zone business companies include the following

  • Trade License
  • Service License
  • Industrial License
  • General trading license

What are the benefits of Dubai airport-free zone companies?

dubai airport free zone

Setting up businesses in Dubai airport-free zone can prove to be highly beneficial. Working with Business Link UAE can help to accelerate the business. These benefits include the following.

  • Strategic Location

The strategic location of Dubai airport is proving to be highly beneficial for companies. Since it is located in the Dubai International airport, it will become straightforward for trade businesses to operate.

  • Smart Services Platform

The businesses in free zone Dubai get the benefit of smart services. This is, however, valid for all administrative services.

  • World Class Infrastructure

The high-quality infrastructure of Dubai airport is one of the main reasons why businesses consider this location. No matter what sector your business functions in, the airport-free zone is highly compatible.

  • Extensive cargo handling

Trade businesses are the ones to benefit from the location mostly. The Dubai airport-free zone companies have a logistics center that plays an important role in assuring extra benefits.

  • Tax incentive

The Dubai airport-free zone is free of Value Added Taxes. Moreover, the place does not have any corporate tax or income tax.

How to start Dubai airport-free zone companies?

If you want to set up Dubai airport Freezone companies, Business Link UAE can help you. Some of the common ways to start the company include the following

  • Choose the license

Depending on the type of business you operate, you can choose the business license. Business Link UAE can guide you through the process of starting off with the license.

  • Choose the company type

You are free to choose a company type.

  • Have your space

It is advisable to choose the company space so that it becomes easy for you.

Business Link UAE can assist you in the process of business setup. For more details,

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