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How to apply for an influencer license in Dubai?

influencer license

What is an influencer license? Is it mandatory?

The National Media Council of UAE(NMC) is always keen on introducing laws and regulations to protect the privacy and sensitivity of people. NMC looks upon all media-related activities in the country introduced a license for social media influencers, which is known as an E-media license. The National Media Council defines it as any paid or unpaid form of presentation and/or promotion of ideas, goods, or services by electronic means, or network applications. But once this law came, many doubts and confusions related to obtaining an influencer license in Dubai came into the mind of influencers. Influencers had many doubts such that “whether it will be illegal to be an influencer if they are not having a license”, “what are the procedures to obtain the influencer license ” and so on.

Nowadays, Social media is highly influencing everyone irrespective of age. Everyone is having smartphones and so they have easy access to social media platforms. Those who are creating high-quality shareable content on social media are now earning through these platforms. Undoubtedly people who wish to take social media influencing as a career can make it happen because it’s very profitable.

Whether National Media Council is being strict on influencer license?

The National Media Council of UAE introduced the influencer license to professionalize the social media influencing. They announced this license in order to regulate those influencers who are making money/income from their accounts. In UAE,  most social media influencers charge an amount that’s worth a price of a good smartphone for a single post and it doubles if the social media influencer is more well-known.

Who must obtain an influencer license in Dubai?

-If you are an influencer who is earning money through your social media content, then of course you have to obtain the influencer license to continue your business legally.

-Influencers who receive free gifts products or services need not obtain an influencer license. Provided, they are not making paid collaborations.

-If you are an influencer registered with an influencer agency, then you need not obtain an individual license. Because influencer agency has to obtain a license and it is applicable to every individual influencer who are members of that agency.

-What about an influencer from abroad and planning to do business in Dubai? Yes, he has to register with any of the National Media Council registered influencer agencies. Otherwise, he will have to pay the fine.

How to apply for an influencer license in Dubai?

Applying for a license will seem to be a difficult process.  But by hiring a business consultant, it’s easy and can be done in a matter of weeks. National Media Council is providing three categories of licensing.
Category 1- Individual license for those who want to remain as an independent influencer. But they have to take separate trade licenses too.
Category 2- Partnership license for a group of influencers. the group can be either friends or family members. Before applying for National Media Council’s E-media license, a company has to be formed. They have to be registered as a company and must obtain a trade license.

Category 3- An influencer can collaborate with any of the National Media Council-certified influencer agencies. The agency will hold a single license. An influencer can sign up with only one agency and all the transactions will be through the company. Here, influencers don’t need to apply for licenses. The agency will bear all the costs connected with it.

Steps involved:-

  • Before applying for a social media license in National Media Council, a trade license has to be obtained. It can be applied directly through the Department of Economic Development (DED)  or any of the free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Free zone Company Setup is the most cost-effective option. Because they provide benefits such as a simple and rapid incorporation process, business support, tax exemptions, and no currency limits.
  • Ajman Media City Free Zone,  Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, Dubai Media City are some of the free zones in UAE that offer the best options for company formation for influencers. Among them, Ajman Media City provides low-cost business setup packages, especially for social media influencers.
  • If you are a freelancer with a valid freelance visa, you can also apply for an influencer license in Dubai, UAE. A free zone can provide a freelancer license, which is a cost-effective option.
  • For obtaining a trade license, of course, first, we have to select a name for the company. Always adhere to UAE regulations while selecting a name. The name should not be offensive. It should not be of any well-known organizations. If it contains any abbreviations, make sure to elaborate abbreviations. You cannot choose previously selected names.
  • If you are going for a freelancer license, then you don’t need to choose a business name. You can use your own name as the business name.
  • You must hold a valid residence visa and emirates id for applying for an influencer visa in UAE.
  • Although it seems to be a long and complex process, Business Link will provide these services according to your needs. They will ensure all these processes work smoothly and error-free.

The cost involved in the process:-

Of course, obtaining an influencer license involves cost. Because you have to obtain a trade license also. But if you consult with a business setup company, they will be with you from the starting point to the finishing point. They will undertake every level of obtaining a license and of course, you can sit back, relax and focus more on your other activities. The license is valid for twelve months.

Penalties if any:-

The law imposes fine upon people who are not complying with the laws and regulations and their social media accounts will be shut down if they didn’t obtain the license.

Don’t waste time… Be a social media influencer…

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