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All you need to know about JAFZA Company Formation

jebel ali companies

Starting or forming a company in Jebel Ali may seem an easy task, but it is not. As per the regulations, it is crucial to maintain the requirements. Businesses opting for Jebel Ali companies need to understand the licenses and laws. Jebel Ali is one of the rising places in the UAE.

Unlike the other places of UAE, Jebel Ali isn’t that famous. However, with the passing of time, more and more people are opting for company formation in Jebel Ali. This is mostly because the company setup is extremely convenient and can be very helpful. Moreover, Jebel Ali is the home to the oldest free zones.

Over the years, with the coming in of so many free zones around the UAE, the Jebel Ali companies became less popular. Nonetheless, it still stands to be one of the most affordable places to start your business. Nonetheless, foreign investors investing in Jebel Ali need to ensure that they comply with the laws. It is necessary to understand the basic impact. One of the main reasons why businesses can freely operate in Jebel Ali is because of its strategic location. So many businesses have eventually made their impact.

Business setup in Jebel Ali

The Jebel Ali companies are extremely convenient and foreigners can start it. However, it is necessary to meet the requirements as set by the Department of Economic Development. Interested investors can check out the official website to proceed with the company formation process.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone is also referred to as JAFZA. It is located just close to Dubai, which is why it has become one of the most growing sectors. Investors can easily promote different types of business activities in JAFZA. The free zone is close to the borders of Abu Dhabi and hence, allows easy business regulations. Dubai free zone may be home to several companies, JAFZA is an attraction for technology, logistics and export companies. Most of the JAFZA companies have their main warehouses and offices in Jebel Ali to ensure easy business regulation.

The Jebel Ali companies have several characteristics that set them apart from the others. Moreover, these companies contribute around 23.8% to Dubai’s GDP growth. The trade value is pretty high in this area too which is why one may consider starting up the business here.

Since it is a significant part of the DP world, you can never go wrong with setting up the business here. Moreover, this is one of those free zones that has grown up to become a catalyst for accelerating the business formation.

Business Link UAE Jebel Ali companies

Business Link UAE has become one of the best business consultancy in UAE. Foreign investors looking forward to setting up Jebel Ali companies need to refer here. It is crucial to understand the business setting.

Since there are so many business types, you need to understand which one will be the most beneficial. Moreover, you can also consider the flagship companies.

What is Jebel Ali free zone?

As stated, Jebel Ali free zone is one of the oldest economic zones in Dubai. It has become the largest business hubs. The place was developed to ensure better business activities with high-capacity infrastructure, logistics and is one of the customer-centric zones. Over the years, it has become an extensive place that has shown structured growth.

The Jebel Ali free zone was established in 1996 with ISO accreditions, thereby easing business.

What are the companies that can be formed in Jebel Ali?

There are several Jebel Ali companies, but each of them are dedicated to a specific sector. Some of the common man establishments promoted in Jebel Ali include the following

  • Free Zone Establishment

The free zone establishment is also known as free zone company. It is one of the companies with several unique features. However, it is            necessary to meet the legal entity to understand the different reasons.

As per the regulations every shareholder must have the recommended capital. Moreover, in free zone companies there can be around               two to five shareholders.

If you have a foreign establishment that you want to set up in Jebel Ali, you need to consider the branch companies too. The branch                  company development should however have proper license and registration. If all details are available, you can easily apply for branch              jebel ali free zone companies formation

  • Special status

This is one of the latest mode of companies that allows easy setup of businesses. One of the most crucial aspects about this business                   setup is that it was formed into 2003 and allows the regulations of non-resident company. However, one needs to have proper legal                   identities to start setting up business in this region.

What are the benefits of Jebel Ali companies?

jebel ali companies

Compared to other business types, Jebel Ali companies tend to benefit the most. It has a customer base of around 2 million. Jebel Ali can as well considered to be the central location, from where one can easily access all places of Middle East, GCC and UAE within few hours.

The history of Jebel Ali is one of the greatest ones to look forward to. Initially, Jebel Ali started with around 19 member companies, but now there are more than 6000 companies. One of the most significant achievements is the huge amount of international investments.

The strategic location of Jebel Ali, being just 45 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport allows easy business processing. Moreover, the presence of huge port ensures easy regulation of businesses from South and West Asia, Singapore, Africa and more.

Jebel Ali companies

It can easily regulate within this zone. Setting up your business will bring the opportunity to setup businesses. Companies from all places are welcomed. There has been a massive rise in terms of investments for places like United States, Far East and Europe.

Currently, there are around 200 European companies and 100 North American companies. Dozens of companies from Soviet Union, China and Hong Kong are also showing their interest in investing in this place. Hence, setting up a business in here will have its own perks.

Setting up JAFZA companies is quite easy and convenient. The free zone authority regulates the company setup in this location. They are responsible for handling basic factors like Visas, Legal and Consular requirements, health insurance cards, car registration and driving license. It is also necessary to meet the sponsor’s letter and communication facilities.

There are wide range of facilities in Jebel Ali for JAFZA companies. Some of the most common ones include the setup of pre-built modern warehouses, office space in different sizes and more. Nonetheless, the only criteria is that the company needs to meet the terms and conditions. However, the terms and conditions are different for different types of businesses. There are reserved lands for large-scale projects that completely depends on extensive warehousing, manufacturing and more. These factors however have a huge impact on your projects. But, these are not all. Some of the most prominent benefits that has attracted a significant number of foreign investments,

Jebel Ali include the following

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No corporate or personal income taxes
  • 100% repatriation of the capital
  • Numerous energy resources
  • No restriction on the hiring process

What are the company formation types?

jebel ali companies

The company formation types completely depends on the number of shareholders. It is necessary to understand the criteria for each and then only you can set up the company.

Some of the common company formation types for Jebel Ali companies include the following

  • Single Shareholder

If you or your company is a single shareholder of the property, you can easily set up a company in the free zones.

  • Multiple shareholders

To meet the multiple shareholder criteria, companies with two to fifty shareholders can regulate in free zone company setup. Moreover, it can also be two to fifty individuals or companies. This completely depends on the type of investments the company will be making.

  • Established company

This is the process for opening a branch company in the free zone. However, the parent company needs to obtain a license to start regulating the business. Furthermore, the branch company should have the same name as that of the parent company and regulate the same activities.

What are the documents for JAFZA company formation?

To establish company in JAFZA, the business and individuals need to submit a list of documents. The law in Jebel Ali is very strict for businesses.

Since it is one of the oldest free zones, businesses need to ensure that they meet the demands. Any fraudulent document can lead to the license being seized. Therefore, as per the advice of business consultants, one should submit only accurate and legal documents for company formation.

Some of the common documents required for setting up JAFZA company include the following
  • Submit an application to get facilities
  • Passport of all the or individual shareholders
  • Bank reference for every individual involved in the company
  • Summary of the project
  • Company profile of the parent company (applicable only for branch formation)
  • Application for establishing a company in FZCO
  • Application for establishing a company in FZE
  • The non-refundable application fee form.

Why you should choose JAFZA for Company Setup?

jebel ali companies

To get all the facilities, the individual or company needs to submit JAFZA forms. It is necessary to understand the conditions for obtaining each facility. Moreover, the company also needs to gain approval from the officials to get access to these exclusive facilities.

You can apply JAFZA forms for the following facilities

Business Park

This is one of the most exclusive facility you can apply for. The business parks are ready-to-use facilities as it has furnished offices. Hence, the individual and companies will not have to indulge in extra setup cost. Depending on the requirements, you can eventually indulge in designing the offices at business park.

The office spaces in business parks are available for rentals mostly. Hence, you can choose it and eventually apply for short or long-term use. Nonetheless, there’s a registered sq. foot unit for which you will need to setup the project.


If you want to purchase high-quality office spaces for your business, you need to understand what is the best. The office space price is different for each company setup. The leasing price varies significantly depending on the kind of facilities you are applying for.

The office clusters in JAFZA are closely placed against each other. This helps to ensure that the office staff and investors get to stay in constant touch with each other. However, unlike business parks, the office spaces are mostly unfurnished. Eventually, the customer gets the opportunity to create an individual style. Every business can therefore indulge in expressing themselves in a customized way.


The warehouses are mostly suitable for businesses involved in logistics. JAFZA forms also provide the benefit of pre-built, high-quality storage. All the units are designed to suit specific needs. Moreover, most of these warehouses have thermally insulated units to ensure easy regulation of businesses.

Most of these spaces are available in rental per unit basis. Several warehouse units are also attached to the specific office spaces.

Plots of land

This is suitable for businesses to want to establish the setup from scratch. These plots of land have prepared infrastructure so businesses can easily setup their new facilities within this region.

The plot sizes are available in different sizes. Depending on your requirement, you can lease them for short and long-term basis. As a result, the businesses can easily build the property as per their own. The minimum space available is around 5000 sq. m. However, it is necessary to know that businesses can also lease large spaces.

Jebel Ali free zone has several incentives for different businesses. With zero tax, you can eventually indulge in business setup. Since there are no restrictions, businesses can easily indulge in hiring people as per their requirement. Moreover, there are no foreign restrictions within the country too.

With so many benefits for JAFZA companies, you can apply for JAFZA forms and get on with the process. Business Link UAE can help you with the entire process of setting up. Therefore, make sure to understand the process, feel free to contact

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