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Limited Liability Company(LLC) Setup in UAE

LLC Company Formation in UAE

While talking about the best place for starting a new business, Dubai is the place that is always attracted by business owners. Business Setup in Dubai is always in the top position. There are many reasons, which make it the best one : llc company formation in dubai

  • 100% Tax-Free
  • LLC company formation in Dubai is quite easy for investors.

How to Setup a Limited Liability Company in UAE?

The LLC formation in Dubai can be done with a minimum of 2 years. Around 50 shareholders can get their share depending upon their share in the company, ut the condition is that the company, which is formed, cannot perform any activity related to banking, investment, or insurance.

One of the major LLC company formation requirements is that the sponsor or silent partner must be around 51% of the share within the company. Whereas the other investor or expatriate investor must have around 49% of the share in that. After this, the agreement process by the silent partner to the court undertaking that there will be no involvement of him towards the company.

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  • To set up an LLC company in UAE, first of all, you should select the trade name and the services that you are providing.
  • Select the location where you are offering the services.
  • You should have information about visas, legal documents, and other things.

What are the Benefits of LLC Company Formation in Dubai?

  • One can form an LLC Company in Dubai for a minimal amount of money.
  • It will become easy to manage a business, as there will no interference from the side of the local partner.
  • It is quite easy to open a corporate account, and there is an amazing facility of credit for LLC companies.
  • An LLC company can access the economy of Dubai.

Requirements for Getting an LLC License in Dubai

After 10th August 2009, the Government of Dubai has canceled all the capital requirement rules and regulations. They have introduced the concept of the Limited Liability Company Registration Dubai.  Here are the major requirements that a company should follow for getting an LLC license in Dubai.

  • Select the right legal structure of the business
  • Choose the size of the business that you want to start.
  • Make a selection for the services that you will offer to your clients.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development of UAE, which is vital to get a license.
  • Choose land or warehouse to start the business.
  • Processing labor cards, legal documents, and processing visas

To have more information about the LLC company setup Dubai contact the experts at Business Link UAE.


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