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What are the criteria for long term visa in UAE?

long term visa uae

Back in 2019, the United Arab Emirates introduced a new system that provided long-residence visas for foreigners. The long-term visa is aimed at promoting the economic growth of the UAE. Individuals holding the Dubai golden visa will have the flexibility to stay, study and reside in Dubai.

UAE is one of the main countries in the world that focuses on promoting tourism. When you visit the UAE, you will have a lot of things to do and see. However, in recent times, Dubai has emerged as a significant business hub. If your main aim is to reside in Dubai for the long term, you can apply for a long-term visa.

The Long term residence visa Dubai

With the help of a Dubai golden visa, not only will you get the flexibility of single entry but multiple as well. If you take the long-term visa with a single entry, it will be valid for only 90 days from the departure date. This visa is the most effective for you if you travel to Dubai only for a family vacation.

The long-term visa can also promote multiple entries. If you have this visa, you will have the flexibility to travel anywhere within the UAE by any mode. However, you should consider the travel time period to get benefits. One of the best benefits is that you won’t need any immigration data.

If you are applying for a Golden Visa in Dubai, you should be aware that the requirements will significantly vary. You will be granted a visa only if you meet certain criteria depending on the area you are from. GCC residents can apply for a visa as long as they are working in a specific public sector. After they arrive in the UAE, they will be eligible to apply for a non-renewable visa.

What are the types of resident visas in the UAE?

It would help if you got in touch with professionals to get Visa Services in UAE. Your local agent can, however, be of great help in the entire process.

Business Link UAE has been assisting businesses and individuals over the years to access the UAE visa services. If you consider staying for a long time in the UAE, you need to take a 90-day visa. The 90-day visa will be valid for 58 days from the date of issue. However, it is a single entry, and you will have limited validity. Nonetheless, the 90-day visa is comparatively cheaper than the 30 days and 14-day visa.

According to the rules of the 90-day visa, the last day of your trip won’t be included. The day you enter the country or Dubai, it is your first day. The 90-day long-term Visa is the most beneficial for business people who want to conduct business or for individuals who want a long-term vacation. However, if you want to adapt to the business opportunities of the UAE, you should consider opting for a long-term UAE visa.

Golden visa Dubai

The Dubai golden visa will offer a renewable 10-year visa for entrepreneurs, investors, and doctors. As of 2019, thousands of people have already received golden visas. Many doctors had also received the Golden Visa as an honor for their service of protecting the UAE against Covid-19.

Who is eligible to apply for the UAE?

The investors looking forward to getting the 10-year visa will need to have AED 10 million public investment. The invested amount should not be in a loan, and the investor should take complete ownership of it.

The investor should also be able to retain the investment for a time of three years. The long-term visa will also allow the holder to retain their children and spouses. Apart from that, they can add an executive director and an advisor.

Apart from individuals and business owners, people with special talents can also apply for visas. The ones with special talents include artists, researchers, doctors, and more. However, the individuals can get a 10-year visa only if they receive grants from their respective departments. They can also extend the visa later on for the spouse and children.

Individuals applying for a 5-year Visa need to stick to the conditions. The individual must have an investment of around AED 5 million. University and high school students can also apply for a 5-year residency if they plan to study within the country.

Furthermore, foreign individuals who want to start a new business in the UAE can apply for a permanent visa for 5 years. However, this will only be valid under the Golden Business visa scheme.

How can people with specialized talents apply?

If you belong to the specialized talents list, you need to understand the basics. The individuals applying for a long-term visa need to be documented as per scientific or patent research. The scientific research should, however, be published in any world-class journal.

Doctors and specialists should have a Ph.D. degree from any of the top 500 universities. At the same time, if they have any certificate or award, it can increase their chances of getting the report. They will also need to prove their expertise and specialization in the particular field.

What are the eligibility criteria for long-term UAE visa services?

If you want to avail the UAE visa services, Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process. However, it would help if you also met the eligibility criteria to fit the requirements. Here’s everything you need to apply for a long term visa in the UAE:

  • Passport with a validity of 6 months.
  • Passport with a minimum of two blank pages.
  • No criminal record.
  • Enough funds in the bank to sponsor a trip to Dubai.
  • Confirmed return ticket for the home country.


Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process. Our Business Consultants have extensive knowledge about the rules and regulations of the UAE. If you want to get a Golden Visa in Dubai, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Furthermore, you must submit all the documents correctly to get extra benefits.
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