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Fastest Growing Sectors in the UAE

setting up a company in dubai

The coming of the internet has played a massive role in creating new business opportunities in Dubai. The increasing development in technology and innovation acts as the driving force for the same. Everyone is on the internet, and most businesses have switched from traditional to online too. Around 91.1% population in the UAE relies on the internet in their smartphones and other devices to ease their working of the business. If you are considering setting up company in Dubai, now is the time to do so.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most people are avoiding visiting crowded places. Hence, ecommerce businesses are in full-flourish in today’s time. If you, too, are considering Business setup in Dubai or UAE, you need to get a license and registration.

Here are some of the prominent sectors that are flourishing in UAE and can turn out to be potential business opportunities, who are planning to setting up a company in Dubai:

Healthcare startups

The healthcare startups are in full swing in the UAE. The rapid evolvement of healthcare technology such as home diagnostics and telemedicine services is contributing to the shift. With these services coming, more and more people are reaching out to solve their queries.

With the inclusion of technology, the healthcare startup will make treatment easy while ensuring better handling of patients. Even when there’s a rush of patients, you will be able to handle it. Telemedicine services are becoming popular, too, as they help to overcome geographical boundaries. Furthermore, telemedicine promotes virtual consultations with doctors allowing long-distance patients to connect with their doctors easily.


The drone industry is becoming equally popular in the UAE. According to industry analysts, the drone industry will continue to be popular. Initially, drone technology was used in agriculture and traffic maintenance, but in today’s time, it is used everywhere. Drone technology is further helpful for medical purposes as they help reduce human contacts and speed the facility to conduct tests as and when required by patients and medical experts.

Online delivery app

As per the regulations by the government, people need to stay indoors. Hence, the online delivery companies are the ones to benefit the most from it. These companies need to deliver essential goods like medicine and grocery. Eventually, this industry has seen a massive surge in a few months only.


ECommerce companies are receiving overwhelming response from the audiences. People place their orders, and the goods are delivered to them overnight. This plays an important role in avoiding congestion at supermarkets and stores. Amazon was one of the first ecommerce companies to solve this problem and fulfil the global delivery network.

Remote online work

Work from home or remote working has become extremely popular in recent days. The individuals will only need to focus on video conferencing and real-time communication maintenance with remote online working.

Setting up your online business requires you to put in the same effort to set up your offline business. It is advisable to analyze the different business opportunities in Dubai and then proceed to bring changes.

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