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Business Link is one of Dubai’s most prominent companies, providing leading business setup services in Dubai to meet client requirements. We are dedicated to providing the best services in Dubai to ensure a better quality of business. As a leading service provider, you can ensure the saving time and effort of your business.

No matter what your business needs are, you can always reach out to Business Link as a client. These are not random services. Business Link ensures to understand what your requirements are, and then create services in Dubai for you.

Business Link caters to business consultancy services. below are the business setup services in Dubai provided by the Business Consultant :

Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is that the best choice for anyone dreaming of an excellent future in business. The city with well-developed and superior infrastructure facilities offers the best atmosphere for businesses. With regulations that are advantageous for the firms to gain boundless profit and prosper, the influx of ex-pats to begin business operations in Dubai has been increasing rapidly. You can establish a Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore Company in Dubai.

Licensing Services

Every firm must possess a business license for operating within the UAE. The procedure for acquiring a business license in UAE will include approvals from ministries and departments consistent with the sort of business. The official formalities towards license need to be followed judiciously to make sure receipt of license in time. All the documents submitted have to be translated into Arabic by an authorized agency. Hence, the utmost care has got to be taken whilst filling the forms and submitting those to the ministries and departments. Our professionals will get all the work done on behalf of you, during a time-bound manner.

Visa Services

UAE offers different types of visas based on your purpose of visit, such as business visas, tourist visas, employment visas,s and so on. Our major visa services encompass tourist visas, investor visas, work visas, family visas, maid visas, and more. You must possess an entry permit, UAE identity card, and resident visa before applying for a work permit or labor card. Several offices and departments are involved within the processing and issuance of a visa. The submission of forms in Arabic, obtaining signatures and approvals could also be tiresome for you. Being one of the most reputed visa services, you can assign it to us unconcerned. Our team will perform the task as quickly as possible and deliver you the visa within the shortest possible time.

Sponsorship Services

Finding a local Emirati as your sponsor, for a business set up in Dubai, is a daunting process. The local sponsor must be reliable and dependable. All the legal formalities and ownership agreements will be in the sponsor’s name. The risk factors involved can make you anxious. Forget the worries, once we are with you. We understand your worries. Business Link will provide you with the most credible sponsor for your business formation in Dubai. With our assurance, you’ll forget all the apprehensions about the sponsor. And wholly specialise in the event of your business. Consult our professional representative today to understand more about our sponsorship services.

Finance Services

Money shouldn’t be a hindrance to realize your goal. Our major financial services include accounting and bookkeeping, VAT registration, and more. We have our exclusive finance services for those who want financial support to set up a business in the UAE. Our easy to obtain and hassle-free service has been serving the clients for a long. Thereby, you’ll enter the planet of business with none delay.

Bank Account opening

You need to open a company account for company formation in Dubai. The process will involve the submission of documents proving your identity, license details, and authority of your firm , and other related approvals. Even though the procedure is uncomplicated, it can turn problematic at times. We can assist you in opening a company checking account . Our team will prepare all the documents required for the account and forward the method . You can remain stress-free, while our representative undertakes the process for you.

Office Space Services

It is important to possess an office and commercial space of stipulated dimensions to start out a business in Dubai. The officials from competent authority will inspect the space before issuing a license for business found out . It will be advantageous if you’ll acquire office and commercial space at an inexpensive rate. You can assign us for locating the simplest office and commercial space that suits your business.

Brand Protection Services

Intellectual property registration is essential for certain kinds of businesses. We will assist you to preserve your brand and its specialties. Our brand protection services make sure that the property of business organizations and individuals isn’t stolen or misused. We undertake Industrial Property protection of Trademarks, inventions, formulae, etc. And copyright protection of creative works including art and literature. Our team will perform the required procedure as per federal laws within the UAE. To acquire intellectual property rights, copyright, and patents for you.

PRO Services

Company formation in UAE would require the conclusion of varied governmental formalities and legal documents. A liaison officer authorized by the government processes all the documents for the approvals and authorizations. Only an experienced representative can act as if well-oiled machinery to accomplish it quickly. You can rely on us regarding PRO services. The PRO must be capable of performing various activities simultaneously to line up business during a stipulated period. It will include acts that are employee-orient and business-related. Our PRO services make company formation in Dubai as convenient as possible.

Company Liquidation Services

Company liquidation, also referred to as company cancellation and company dissolution may be a complicated task. You will require the support of an experienced agency for company liquidation. It involves tedious paperwork and approvals from various departments. Our professionals will do the needful for you. They will forward the method during a well-formulated manner. Thus, accomplishing it in the best possible way.
Tailored Services for Benefits

Custom-made services in Dubai are aimed at helping businesses grow. Most businesses are choosing experts over general ones for extensive benefits. Some of the prominent benefits of tailored services for businesses include the following


One of the main reasons you should choose tailored services is that it provides the benefit of expertise. This will play an essential role in receiving the best recommendations for your business.


Tailored services from Business Link are easily accessible. No matter what your business is about, our accessible services will only help to ease the problem.

 Stay calm

You get to be at peace of your mind. Our tailored services will provide the constant benefit of staying calm. Since most of your businesses will be provided, can you be assured that you will provide accurate services at the right time?



How does Business Link provide tailored services in Dubai?


High-quality services in Dubai are a requirement for many businesses. Business Link is thus dedicated to providing you with the same. Here’s how Business Links provides you tailored services. These include

Know the demographics

The basic to moving with the business is to know the areas you want to operate in. Business Link will want to understand the demographics and which customers you want to cater to. You need to gather a lot of information regarding your employees. Hence, Business Link will take a look into every data and thus, create one effectively.


Test the personas

Persona testing is extremely crucial for businesses. Business Links will further analyze the persona and eventually help you create the business accordingly. Every response should be thoroughly provided for extensive benefits. Minor changes will only help to improve businesses.


Package bundles

Business Link understands the importance of working in workforce collaboration. Hence, they are extensively dedicate to offer a customize packages to businesses.


Business Link promises to provide services tailored to suit business needs. It is crucial to analyze the minor aspects of how business can help you grow. Being the leading organization for services in Dubai, Business Link promises to stand up as inspiration for several entrepreneurs.

Business Link provides a Business Setup that leads you through the journey of forming a company by providing you the right consultation. Business Link believes in sharing a lasting relationship with clients, collaborating with the government officials and regulatory authorities, and providing you all the business setup facilities according to the client’s requirements. Reach out to Business Link for extensive benefits!

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How to set up a restaurant business in UAE.

The food or restaurant business is the only business, which is very famous in Dubai, and people from different regions across the globe set up their business in the United Arab Emirates. In the last few years, thousands of restaurants are opened in Dubai from multiple cuisines, which makes Dubai one of the best places for starting up a restaurant business in UAE.

But starting a new food is very much challenging for business owners as they all face a lot of concerns while setting up a new business. But you do not get to worry Business Link is always here to help you in starting a new business and they are the ones who can answer you about How to set up a restaurant business in UAE?

Steps required to set up a restaurant business in UAE:

Get a trade license

The first step for getting a new restaurant business is to get a trade license. For getting a license, it is very much important that a person must follow the right path, and Business Link is the one, who offers the best consultation related to it.

Choose any preferred Location

Location is the most important factor when you want to run a restaurant business. There are many different zones in Dubai, which are very much established where a business owner can easily start a business. No matter, whether you want to start a business in the residential sector, you will find out the best and highly secure zones in Dubai.

Choose whether you want to opt for free zone or Mainland

While you want to run a restaurant business in Dubai, then you have two choices for starting a business, which are a free zone and On-Shore. While you will choose a free zone, then you have to pay less to establish your business.

On the other hand, if you will choose Mainland, then you will get a lot of advantages for starting a business including flexibility in employment, benefit in choosing the right business location,  and the process for setting up a business is very much easy.

What are the various pre-requirements of running a restaurant business in the UAE?

  • One must meet all the minimum set of standard as suggested by the Food control department
  • A restaurant must have stainless steel shelves
  • There must be a separate basin for washing hands.
  • There must be a chimney installed in a cooking area, and it must 2 meters high
  • The wall, floor, and roof must be fireproof, non-absorbent, and washable.

Still, you are having any issues, then you can reach Business Link, who can guide and assist you at every step of setting up a Restaurant Business in UAE. Business Link will help you with all the legal formalities and approvals to ensure that you get in a cost-effective manner.
Here you will meet the expert guidance and which can make you run your restaurant business wisely. We thrive to make the process of your Company Formation in UAE  hassle-free, no matter which business package you pick.

Why hire PRO Services in UAE?

While you want to start a new business, then you may have a lot of concerns in your mind related to the business. In this case, choosing pro services in UAE is very much beneficial. They are the best ones, who offer the best consultation related to how to start a business. Besides this, many reasons make a new business owner choose their services, and here we will discuss all those. pro services dubai


Handling all the business activities such as visas, permits, and many more is very much difficult. But with the help of the pro services, it becomes so easy. Business Link offering such services is aware of all the business-related activities and ensures that everyone can have the best consultation.


Most of the business owners believe that they have to spend a lot of money on the pro services provider. But this is nothing like that as they are very much beneficial in reducing the cost of employment visas and immigration, which make the best choice to decrease expenses.

100% transparent solutions

All the pro services providers always ensure that they offer a transparent and reliable solution to the business owners. They all offer all the receipts of the charges on handling the business. They have experience in handling all the pro-work and never hide anything from their clients.

Expert Guidance

Starting from handling the major as well as minor work, they have experience in handling all the tasks related to it.

Emphasis on Boosting business

While you will choose a pro services provider, then you will see that they will focus on boosting business. With them, you can make a better relationship along with your clients and streamline all the Government activities involved while handling business.

Offers all the Customized Solution

The pro services provider in Dubai never restricts a single activity. Starting from the business setup in Dubaiemployment visa processing, medical insurance processing, license processing, etc, they have experience in all.

Dedicated Account Management

Managing or working on the account can be difficult for the business owners, but while choosing the pro services in Dubai, one can easily handle all the account management tasks. So, it will automatically help in saving time as well as money.

Prevent delays

The business consultant in Dubai always keeps all the list of the documentation along with them. They always remind about the license renewal including visa renewal so, that there will no delays in renewing those.

If you want to have the best and professional PRO services in UAE, then Business Link is the one, who always offers you the best services. They have the best team, who have all the extensive knowledge about the pro services and always work according to the requirements of the business owner.  Choosing Business Link as the pro services provider can assist you in handling multiple tasks with ease.

Mainland vs Free zone Company Setup

Dubai is always a prime attraction for business owners and it is the best place to start a business.  There are 3 different types of Business Setup in the UAE knowing which option is the best for your business and which one is the most profitable. The new business owners can start their business. On the other hand, the business owners face a lot of problems, while they want to start their business. We believe that, if being a business owner you want to start your business in Dubai, then you should have a clear idea about the company formation.

Mainland Company

Mainland companies are also known as onshore companies. With the help of the license, they all can run their business locally and even outside the United Arab Emirates.

Free Zone Company

As its name implies that it is the company, which is having its own rules and regulations behind running a business. There are around 40 free zones in Dubai. While opting for the Free Zone Company Formation, companies can easily grab advantages from tax optimization, and they can also get benefits from the incentives for the businesses.

Different Types of Business Setup in the UAE

  • Mainland business formation makes the business owner get the advantage from the employment visa. In other words, one can easily select employees for their company on their own. It is very much helpful in maintaining the workflow of the company.  But it is not possible in the free zone, as there are some terms and conditions for selecting employees.
  • Depending upon the type of the business, the cost of the mainland company setup and free zone company setup While you will choose mainland company setup, then there will be fewer import duties, but on the other hand, in free zone company setup, there will be higher import duties for a certain type of businesses.
  • In the case of the mainland company formation, the business owner must have a particular area, depending upon their business type. But in the case of a free zone license, one can set up their business without any physical space.
  • Having a local sponsor is very much important while choosing a mainland company formation. But Freezone company formation is completely different from it as it does not require any local sponsor or agent.
  • In the case of Mainland business formation, then the ownership of the foreign investor restricts to only 49% and the ownership is around 51%. Whereas the free zone company setup, there will be complete ownership of foreign ownership.


If still, you are having any doubt, then you take advantage of the services of Business Link UAE. They have the best team, who will resolve all your doubts related to business formation and make you in choosing the best company formation method according to your business type. You can directly visit them or avail yourself of the advantage of their free consultation services.

Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai has a huge market for manufacturing and trading cosmetics, food, and health products at an international level. After a simple registration process. No, it’s not complicated at all. For running a smooth business in Dubai. Business Link UAE is here to assist you with product registration in the Dubai process in a jiffy. Here’s all you need to know.

What is the Purpose of Product Registration in UAE?

Any imported or manufactured product in a country needs to undergo the process of product registration by relevant authorities. Before the sale or promotion of products in Dubai, each product needs to undergo registration. It provides smooth access/entry in the UAE and the GCC markets. The product registration in Dubai involves getting permission from several authorities. Including the health department, food department, safety department, and most importantly Dubai Municipality (DM). It helps the trader and manufacturer by protecting the label for the brand.

Things to Consider During Registration Process

It is important to register the product in Dubai keeping these points in mind

  • Cosmetic/Food product registration – Here, each product needs to register with every necessary information mentioned on the product label. The same goes for food product registration. This gives proper information to buyers relate to the product being purchase.
  • Further, DM checks the components used in the cosmetic or food product. There should not be any harmful element that’s not suitable for human intake, else it will be rejected. DM is particular about consumer safety and product quality with critical inspections and surprise testing.
  • With everything integrates into one place, everyone is updated with all details related to the product in Dubai including the government, traders, and customers.

Benefits of Registering Products in Dubai

DM registers each product import in the local Dubai market and a registration certificate a lot from seamless shipping. Here other benefits of product registration

  • Restricts import or trading of unsafe and harmful products in the Dubai market.
  • Ensure only high-quality and safe products sale
  • Brand title and image secure

Product Registration Process Steps in UAE

  • The company should be set up in Dubai or the Free zone with a trade license
  • Register company with DM along with contact and email address
  • Apply for label assessment by submitted product to CPSS for sampling.
  • The product must comply with the most recent standard and regulations specified
  • All vital information requirements related to product origin, nutritional information, etc.
  • It is valid for 5 years
Why Choose Business Link UAE for Product Registration?

We are one of the best business setup consultants in the UAE. With years of experience, we are here to help you at every step from business setup in UAE to product registration. We will help you review product-related documentation, updates about product registration in UAE, offering deals with external partners or lab services, and more.

Business Setup Process in UAE

UAE is the center of business in the middle east with investors flying in from around the globe to set up businesses in the country. Business setup in this nation requires you to go through many legal procedures and documentation. Coming from another country, the Visa services will also be necessary for legal mainland company setup

How does Business Link help to set up business in Dubai?dubai mainland company setup

A business set up in a competitive city like Dubai requires some professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market. A consultant is a leader in the market known for their understanding of business activities and the cost involve. Business Setup in uae
They can help you set up a business at the smallest cost and will provide you with the best options available. The consultants will guide you through every process such as obtaining visas, getting a trade license, and even provide strategies to outperform the other businesses in the market. With Business Link you will have the best experience in setting up a business.

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

When thinking of company formation in Dubai, UAE the best agent is the Business Link. There is allow Business consultant for the Company Formation in Business Link. The service is available for free zones, the mainland of Dubai, and even in other parts across the country. The experts are well known for the rules and regulations of the UAE government. The business should be handle with great care. Business Link is concerned with providing solutions that will sustain the business growth for the long term and align with your business goals.


Steps to follow for Business Setup Process in Dubai :

Dubai is the prime location for a successful business in the UAE. The city is full of opportunities and the scope of business growth is high. Many steps need to follow while setting up a business.
Finding a local sponsor for mainland setup
To set up a mainland business in Dubai you will need to have a UAE citizen as your local sponsor. The sponsor will have to provide a no-objection letter to start the business.
Memorandum of Association (MoA)
The MoA is a contract containing all the clauses. All partners and shareholders sign this document. It mentions the type of business, shares issued, capital investment, and other details about the company.
Preliminary Business approvals
This is a stage where is it best to seek help from expert consultants like Business Link. The consultancy has direct contact with many government bodies like economic development, labor, immigration, etc. Investors only need to submit the correct set of documents and approvals. With preliminary approval, business activities can begin.
Registration of business name
A unique name for the business needs to be submitted to the Department of economic development. It is subject to change or rejection in case of similarity with existing brand names.
Trade license
To apply for the license, you need to submit documents to the DED. With the help of Business Link, this process can be fast and chances of rejection are less.

Distinct Types of Company Formation in the UAE

UAE is a country booming with business, both local and international. The country is friendly to international investors which brings many of them to the nation. There are three distinct types of Company Formation in the UAE to choose from. Certain factors influence the choice of a particular jurisdiction like the type of business, activities involved, and shareholding properties.  Each jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations as well as advantage associate with it. types of company formation in dubai

Distinct types of Company formation in UAE

Mainland Business setup in UAE

This particular type of business setup is suitable when one wants to do business within the UAE, also known as an onshore business set up. Department of Economic Development is the governmental organization that issues trade licenses for businesses in the UAE mainland. The mainland industries have no geographical limitations and enjoy some excellent deals for office areas and other business needs. Business Like consultants values the time and money of an investor, making them the leading consultants for mainland business setup. types of company formation in dubai

Key Points to know

  • Mainland companies require Office space.
  • A local sponsor is a must for licensing and other formalities.
  • Business can be feasible with locals as well as international markets.
  • Annual auditing of finances is essential. VAT regulations apply to this type of business set up.
  • The business needs clearance from various other ministries of the UAE government, once the trade license is approve.
  • Issuing visa to the employees determine upon the office and work environment.

Free zone Business Set Up in UAE

Investors or business owners looking for complete control over their businesses can opt for the free zone business setup. There is no tax on the income generated from such businesses. Unlike mainland business set up, with Freezone one can enjoy 100% foreign ownership in the free zones of the nation. Business Like provides you with cost-effective and time-efficient services for setting up a business in the free zones of UAE.

Key points to know

  • Even without a physical office license can be incorporate.
  • Business can be done only within the free zones in the country.
  • The business is free from VAT.
  • Virtual business is possible without any office in the UAE.
  • To setup, the Freezone Company Residence visa can obtain.

Offshore Business Set up in UAE

Investors looking for a private business set up and protection of assets can opt for the offshore business set up in UAE. The business is usually located in a foreign country while it serves the clients in UAE. There is no physical presence of the offshore company in the Emirates. It is meant for international business while having the tax-free privileges of the UAE marketplace.

Key points to know

  • The offshore company does not operate within the UAE.
  • The local point of contact is the certified agent’s address.
  • No need to make capital investments.
  • Such business owners do not get a residence visa.
  • Business aspects are not determined.
  • While there is no physical presence of the business in the country, the ex-pat will have total possession of the business.


Why hire Business Consultant in UAE?

The Advice of Business Setup Consultant is the best in Setting up Business in UAE. A consultant with years of experience can provide you with cost-efficient ways of business setup. Also known for having the best business consultant dubai who make business much easier to do.

Top 5 perks of hiring business setup consultant in Dubai

  1. Business setup cost assessment

If you approach the free zone authority, you might get some information on saving costs. However, there are multiple packages and offers that can reduce the setup cost significantly. A business consultant will provide you with all available options. They compare all the options and help you choose the ways that save both money and time.

  1. A clear understanding of licensing and other legal procedures

Before setting up a business, every investor needs to get a license and complete all legal formalities. Business consultants in Dubai are experienced and know how to go through legalities smoothly. Hiring one will make the setup process easy. They also educate you on all risks involved with the legal procedures.

  1. Expert advice on every step of the setup

Business consultants in UAE have a lot of experience in setting up businesses. They possess a deep understanding of the market in which your business will operate. The consultants can provide you with multiple ideas on how to compete and outperform the contemporaries. They also tell you a lot about the business requirements and what risks come along with it.

  1. Ownership of business

There are 40 free zones in the UAE, each with separate rules and regulations. To be able to choose the right one, investors need advice from professional consultants. They are aware of all risks and can save you from violating rules that might lead to fines.

  1. A hassle-free registration

Consultants have years of experience in business registrations. In Dubai, the business consultant will take care of the business registration, keeping the investor free and relaxed.

Business Setup Services in Dubai

The primary services provided by the business consultancies in Dubai include the following:

    • help with jurisdiction
    • business activity categorization
    • drawing protection contracts between partners and investors
    • assistance in obtaining a license
    • services related to PRO
    • translation of business documents


Top Leading Business Consultant in Dubai

Business in Dubai is a highly competitive domain with new entrepreneurs and investors setting up companies every year. To stand tough in this market, you need support from the best business consultant in the UAE. Business Link UAE is currently the top leading business consultant that can help you achieve the business goals with which you have landed in Dubai.

The consultants at Business Link value their client’s time and money, therefore the brand is known for its pace and simplicity with which the business is set up. They lay out the best options for company formation in Dubai and come up with cost-effective solutions that make your business a success. Therefore, if you are thinking of a business set up in Dubai or any other Emirates, Business Link is where you go.