Types of License in Mainland

As the craze among the business owners for starting a business in the United Arab Emirates has been increased a lot and it is the best time to start a new business in the UAE. But on the other hand, there are a lot of concerns that arise in mind, before Business Setup in Mainland. The biggest issue that arises in everyone’s mind is what are the different types of Licenses in Mainland? If you are facing the same issue, then you do not worry Business Link is always here to resolve such issues. Company formation in dubai

What is Mainland License?

Before understanding the types of licenses, you must have an idea about what is it. It is the type of license, which makes people run their business inside the UAE.  The Mainland license is offered when a business owner wants to run their business within the area of Mainland. In this case, a business owner got the authority to run a business within any area of UAE.  In Mainland business, there will be no restrictions for visas and doing work. Company formation in dubai

It is very much important that a business owner must have a financial audit. One must fulfill all the pre-requirements suggested by the UAE mainland company before starting a business.

Types of license in Mainland business Setup

Industrial License

The industrial license is the best choice for all those businesses having industrial activities. As its name implies, that this license is beneficial for all those, who require manufacturing or industrial activities.

List of the activities which are involved in industrial license includes

  • Garments manufacturing License
  • Meats products manufacturing
  • Uniforms manufacturing
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers manufacturing
  • Fishing net making
  • Animals & Birds Feed manufacturing

Commercial license

It is the license, which covers all the trading activities. Some of the major activities, which are included in this are: spare parts trading, safety equipment trading, fire fighting & safety equipment trading, building cleaning equipment trading, and many more.

List of activities, which come under commercial license

  • Oil & gas trading
  • Gold & Precious metals trading
  • Computer Software trading
  • Medical gas trading
  • Office Furniture Trading

Professional license

Some of the major activities, which are involved in the professional license include tax consultancy, construction engineering consultancy, science & Technology consultancy, and many more.

Some of the activities, which come under the professional license

  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Agricultural consultancy
  • Customs consultant
  • Project development consultant
  • Fire safety consultant
  • Electronic Engineering consultant
  • Public relations management
  • Advertising consultancy


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Commercial License in UAE

Commercial License in UAE is very beneficial for all those who are looking to buy or sell goods all across Dubai. If your business falls under the commercial business category, you will be issued a commercial license. Activities like real estate, cars, transport, and many more are involved in commercial activities.

The commercial license in UAE is beneficial for all those who want to start a new company or want to open a company, which is having multiple trade activities all across the United Arab Emirates. You must have a trade license when you want to start any of wholesale business in Dubai.

A company can be easily registered as the Limited Liability company where 49% of the share will be for foreign ownership, and 51% of the share will be for the UAE nationals.

Benefits of Commercial Trade License in UAE

According to the commercial trade license, one can set up a maximum of ten businesses across Dubai’s regions.

  • It is very much easy to renew a commercial brokerage license in Dubai.
  • There will be nothing related to the corporate tax, and all the taxes can be easily done with the help of the financial reporting system.
  • It is very much easy to open a corporate account while you will choose a commercial license.
  • Applying visas for the employees and the dependents is very easy while choosing a commercial license in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It is very much beneficial in securing business engagements.

Documents Require for a Trade License:

To get your commercial brokerage/trade license in Dubai, you must understand about documents required for a commercial license. If you are seeking the same information, then you do not get worried as we are here to share all the vital information along with you. The Procedure to Obtain an Instant Commercial License in Dubai is different as compared to the other business-related licenses. So, it is very beneficial for you to understand all things deeply.

  • You should have a unique name for your business
  • Being a business owner, you must own a qualification, which will be related to your business
  • You should carry a DED approval letter along with you.
  • There should be a registered company address on the lease contract.
  • You should have an application name, which has a company name added in Arabic and the English language.
  • Dubai municipal building department issue permit. It also includes the name of the business and the physical address of the company.

How to Get a Commercial License in the UAE?

Two ways are using which you can easily get a commercial license in the United Arab Emirates. The process of getting a commercial license is very much easy, and it does not require as much time to get that. DED does all the approval. To get that, you must collect all the documents and submit all of those to the DED.

The other option is getting a free zone license, and it is one of the best methods to get the license in Dubai, which is highly preferred by the business owners who want to start their business in Dubai.

How is Business Link UAE Beneficial for you?

As we have discussed, the process of commercial license UAE is different from the others. So, to understand all the things, you should consult with Business Link UAE. We have experienced professionals, that can assist you with queries related to the commercial license including the cost of it.