Types of License in Mainland

As the craze among the business owners for starting a business in the United Arab Emirates has been increased a lot and it is the best time to start a new business in the UAE. But on the other hand, there are a lot of concerns that arise in mind, before Business Setup in Mainland. The biggest issue that arises in everyone’s mind is what are the different types of Licenses in Mainland? If you are facing the same issue, then you do not worry Business Link is always here to resolve such issues. Company formation in dubai

What is Mainland License?

Before understanding the types of licenses, you must have an idea about what is it. It is the type of license, which makes people run their business inside the UAE.  The Mainland license is offered when a business owner wants to run their business within the area of Mainland. In this case, a business owner got the authority to run a business within any area of UAE.  In Mainland business, there will be no restrictions for visas and doing work. Company formation in dubai

It is very much important that a business owner must have a financial audit. One must fulfill all the pre-requirements suggested by the UAE mainland company before starting a business.

Types of license in Mainland business Setup

Industrial License

The industrial license is the best choice for all those businesses having industrial activities. As its name implies, that this license is beneficial for all those, who require manufacturing or industrial activities.

List of the activities which are involved in industrial license includes

  • Garments manufacturing License
  • Meats products manufacturing
  • Uniforms manufacturing
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers manufacturing
  • Fishing net making
  • Animals & Birds Feed manufacturing

Commercial license

It is the license, which covers all the trading activities. Some of the major activities, which are included in this are: spare parts trading, safety equipment trading, fire fighting & safety equipment trading, building cleaning equipment trading, and many more.

List of activities, which come under commercial license

  • Oil & gas trading
  • Gold & Precious metals trading
  • Computer Software trading
  • Medical gas trading
  • Office Furniture Trading

Professional license

Some of the major activities, which are involved in the professional license include tax consultancy, construction engineering consultancy, science & Technology consultancy, and many more.

Some of the activities, which come under the professional license

  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Agricultural consultancy
  • Customs consultant
  • Project development consultant
  • Fire safety consultant
  • Electronic Engineering consultant
  • Public relations management
  • Advertising consultancy


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Business Setup Process in UAE

UAE is the center of business in the middle east with investors flying in from around the globe to set up businesses in the country. Business setup in this nation requires you to go through many legal procedures and documentation. Coming from another country, the Visa services will also be necessary for legal entry.dubai mainland company setup

How does Business Link help to set up business in Dubai?dubai mainland company setup

A business set up in a competitive city like Dubai requires some professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market. A consultant is a leader in the market known for their understanding of business activities and the cost involve. Business Setup in uae
They can help you set up a business at the smallest cost and will provide you with the best options available. The consultants will guide you through every process such as obtaining visas, getting a trade license, and even provide strategies to outperform the other businesses in the market. With Business Link you will have the best experience in setting up a business.

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

When thinking of company formation in Dubai, UAE the best agent is the Business Link. There is allow Business consultant for the Company Formation in Business Link. The service is available for free zones, the mainland of Dubai, and even in other parts across the country. The experts are well known for the rules and regulations of the UAE government. The business should be handle with great care. Business Link is concerned with providing solutions that will sustain the business growth for the long term and align with your business goals.


Steps to follow for Business Setup Process in Dubai :

Dubai is the prime location for a successful business in the UAE. The city is full of opportunities and the scope of business growth is high. Many steps need to follow while setting up a business.
Finding a local sponsor for mainland setup
To set up a mainland business in Dubai you will need to have a UAE citizen as your local sponsor. The sponsor will have to provide a no-objection letter to start the business.
Memorandum of Association (MoA)
The MoA is a contract containing all the clauses. All partners and shareholders sign this document. It mentions the type of business, shares issued, capital investment, and other details about the company.
Preliminary Business approvals
This is a stage where is it best to seek help from expert consultants like Business Link. The consultancy has direct contact with many government bodies like economic development, labor, immigration, etc. Investors only need to submit the correct set of documents and approvals. With preliminary approval, business activities can begin.
Registration of business name
A unique name for the business needs to be submitted to the Department of economic development. It is subject to change or rejection in case of similarity with existing brand names.
Trade license
To apply for the license, you need to submit documents to the DED. With the help of Business Link, this process can be fast and chances of rejection are less.

Industrial License in UAE

The First thing requires to start an Industry anywhere in the world to get Industrial License. Without getting a license, it would be illegal to set up a business, and the same is the case in UAE. In the United Arab Emirates, the business sector is growing at a rapid pace. There is a need to have an industrial license in UAE when a particular industry starts as commercial industries are expanding day by day. setting up a business in dubai

The UAE government provides licenses in business sectors such as manufacturing, freelancing, import, export, etc. A company that transforms natural resources into other final products issues the Industrial License in UAE.

setting up a business in dubai

Dubai Department Of Economic Development(DED) plays a vital role in Industrial Licensing. Legal assistance requires for Industrial License activities in Dubai obtain from Industrial License Dubai.

How to Get an Industrial License in UAE?

All the processes of the industrial license in the UAE can be done easily on behalf of the attorney. The Department of Economic Development provides all the licenses within the United Arab Emirates. The report submitted to the authorities must include all the things like plan, and the purpose of starting the company, and other things related to it.

setting up a business in dubai

Requirements for the License in Dubai

Compliance with all the below requirements is necessary before applying for an industrial license.

  • Shareholders: local sponsor must own 51% shares of your company, and the remaining 49% stake may be owned by Industrial license holders.
  • Office space requires: Virtual offices are not acceptable for Industrial licenses. Only a physical office and a warehouse is an essential requirement for Industrial License.
  • Local Industrial License is also a must from the area where your business operates.
  • Ten workers must be there for getting the industrial license
  • Minimum capital requirement: Dhs 250000

Documents Required for an Industrial License in Dubai:

The documents required for an industrial license in Dubai is different from the others. It includes a report, where all the information will be added related to the factory’s plans. The motive behind opening the industry, the exact cost of the production, and the production tools, which will be used by the factory.

  • Feasibility study
  • Approval of the national media council
  • Ministry of internal approval
  • Ministry of water and environment approval
  • General balance copy
  • Approval of national media council

Those who are non-citizen must carry a summary of the citizen registration along with them.

How the Business Link UAE is Beneficial for You?

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