Industrial License in UAE

The First thing requires to start an Industry anywhere in the world to get Industrial License. Without getting a license, it would be illegal to set up a business, and the same is the case in UAE. In the United Arab Emirates, the business sector is growing at a rapid pace. There is a need to have an industrial license in UAE when a particular industry starts as commercial industries are expanding day by day. setting up a business in dubai

The UAE government provides licenses in business sectors such as manufacturing, freelancing, import, export, etc. A company that transforms natural resources into other final products issues the Industrial License in UAE.

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Dubai Department Of Economic Development(DED) plays a vital role in Industrial Licensing. Legal assistance requires for Industrial License activities in Dubai obtain from Industrial License Dubai.

How to Get an Industrial License in UAE?

All the processes of the industrial license in the UAE can be done easily on behalf of the attorney. The Department of Economic Development provides all the licenses within the United Arab Emirates. The report submitted to the authorities must include all the things like plan, and the purpose of starting the company, and other things related to it.

setting up a business in dubai

Requirements for the License in Dubai

Compliance with all the below requirements is necessary before applying for an industrial license.

  • Shareholders: local sponsor must own 51% shares of your company, and the remaining 49% stake may be owned by Industrial license holders.
  • Office space requires: Virtual offices are not acceptable for Industrial licenses. Only a physical office and a warehouse is an essential requirement for Industrial License.
  • Local Industrial License is also a must from the area where your business operates.
  • Ten workers must be there for getting the industrial license
  • Minimum capital requirement: Dhs 250000

Documents Required for an Industrial License in Dubai:

The documents required for an industrial license in Dubai is different from the others. It includes a report, where all the information will be added related to the factory’s plans. The motive behind opening the industry, the exact cost of the production, and the production tools, which will be used by the factory.

  • Feasibility study
  • Approval of the national media council
  • Ministry of internal approval
  • Ministry of water and environment approval
  • General balance copy
  • Approval of national media council

Those who are non-citizen must carry a summary of the citizen registration along with them.

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Why hire Business Consultant in UAE?

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Top 5 perks of hiring business setup consultant in Dubai

  1. Business setup cost assessment

If you approach the free zone authority, you might get some information on saving costs. However, there are multiple packages and offers that can reduce the setup cost significantly. A business consultant will provide you with all available options. They compare all the options and help you choose the ways that save both money and time.

  1. A clear understanding of licensing and other legal procedures

Before setting up a business, every investor needs to get a license and complete all legal formalities. Business consultants in Dubai are experienced and know how to go through legalities smoothly. Hiring one will make the setup process easy. They also educate you on all risks involved with the legal procedures.

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  1. Ownership of business

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Business Setup Services in Dubai

The primary services provided by the business consultancies in Dubai include the following:

    • help with jurisdiction
    • business activity categorization
    • drawing protection contracts between partners and investors
    • assistance in obtaining a license
    • services related to PRO
    • translation of business documents


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