Limited Liability Company(LLC) Setup in UAE

While talking about the best place for starting a new business, Dubai is the place that is always attracted by business owners. Business Setup in Dubai is always in the top position. There are many reasons, which make it the best one : llc company formation in dubai

  • 100% Tax-Free
  • LLC company formation in Dubai is quite easy for investors.

How to Setup a Limited Liability Company in UAE?

The LLC formation in Dubai can be done with a minimum of 2 years. Around 50 shareholders can get their share depending upon their share in the company, ut the condition is that the company, which is formed, cannot perform any activity related to banking, investment, or insurance.

One of the major LLC company formation requirements is that the sponsor or silent partner must be around 51% of the share within the company. Whereas the other investor or expatriate investor must have around 49% of the share in that. After this, the agreement process by the silent partner to the court undertaking that there will be no involvement of him towards the company.

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  • To set up an LLC company in UAE, first of all, you should select the trade name and the services that you are providing.
  • Select the location where you are offering the services.
  • You should have information about visas, legal documents, and other things.

What are the Benefits of LLC Company Formation in Dubai?

  • One can form an LLC Company in Dubai for a minimal amount of money.
  • It will become easy to manage a business, as there will no interference from the side of the local partner.
  • It is quite easy to open a corporate account, and there is an amazing facility of credit for LLC companies.
  • An LLC company can access the economy of Dubai.

Requirements for Getting an LLC License in Dubai

After 10th August 2009, the Government of Dubai has canceled all the capital requirement rules and regulations. They have introduced the concept of the Limited Liability Company Registration Dubai.  Here are the major requirements that a company should follow for getting an LLC license in Dubai.

  • Select the right legal structure of the business
  • Choose the size of the business that you want to start.
  • Make a selection for the services that you will offer to your clients.
  • Submit all the necessary documents to the Department of Economic Development of UAE, which is vital to get a license.
  • Choose land or warehouse to start the business.
  • Processing labor cards, legal documents, and processing visas

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Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE

 How to Open Branch Of Foreign Company Setup In Dubai, UAE?

An existing business can extend as an office with the same legal identity as of existing business. It is like any parent company opens it’s another branch with the same name. To promote its business and marketing of the products. It is a very fruitful and profitable business in the UAE. If they go into to Foreign Company Branch Setup in UAE.Branch Of A Foreign Company In Dubai

For opening a foreign company branch in Dubai, a local service agent (LSA) is required. Foreign company formation in Dubai can be done with the help of business setup consultants, they will help you to perform administrative functions of obtaining permits, visas, and licenses, etc.

The process and documents required to Setup a Branch of a foreign company in Dubai 

  • Apply application to the Ministry of Economy (MOE) for approval.
  • Reserve the trade name and initial approval of the relevant Dubai’s department of economic development (DED).
  • After getting approval from MOE, then submit a further application to the department of economic development (DED).
  • Then DED will issue a commercial license to a representative office. Annually it can renew and it is valid for a year.
  • After this the process for leasing office space get starts.
  • Then your company’s branch can open bank accounts in Dubai, can obtain visas, and labor cards for your employees.
  • After having bank accounts, you can register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. business setup in uae

Benefits of Opening a Branch Office in Dubai, UAE

Parent Company Retains all the money: The money earns by branches of foreign companies has no corporate tax charged by UAE. In this way the parent companies can retain all the money with them can enjoy the UAE’s favorable tax system.

Globalized Location of UAE: The UAE has a perfect location from the business point of view, which means you do business globally, and can reach your clients in Asia, Africa, and Europe easily.

Easy Operations and audit processes: There is no need to set up separate finance functions for the branch office in Dubai. The administrative processes and all other operations are easy to handle in the branch office. So you can open a branch office in Dubai easily and in no time. Tracking of branch office and parent company can be done legally, therefore the audit can be done easily.

Exposure of new market: It requires a big capital amount and many legal formalities to open a new business.  As the foreign company formation cost is affordable to open a branch of a foreign company in Dubai. Exposure of the new market of UAE is beneficial for the parent company and it is a cost-effective way of entering the market of UAE.

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Industrial License in UAE

The First thing requires to start an Industry anywhere in the world to get Industrial License. Without getting a license, it would be illegal to set up a business, and the same is the case in UAE. In the United Arab Emirates, the business sector is growing at a rapid pace. There is a need to have an industrial license in UAE when a particular industry starts as commercial industries are expanding day by day. setting up a business in dubai

The UAE government provides licenses in business sectors such as manufacturing, freelancing, import, export, etc. A company that transforms natural resources into other final products issues the Industrial License in UAE.

setting up a business in dubai

Dubai Department Of Economic Development(DED) plays a vital role in Industrial Licensing. Legal assistance requires for Industrial License activities in Dubai obtain from Industrial License Dubai.

How to Get an Industrial License in UAE?

All the processes of the industrial license in the UAE can be done easily on behalf of the attorney. The Department of Economic Development provides all the licenses within the United Arab Emirates. The report submitted to the authorities must include all the things like plan, and the purpose of starting the company, and other things related to it.

setting up a business in dubai

Requirements for the License in Dubai

Compliance with all the below requirements is necessary before applying for an industrial license.

  • Shareholders: local sponsor must own 51% shares of your company, and the remaining 49% stake may be owned by Industrial license holders.
  • Office space requires: Virtual offices are not acceptable for Industrial licenses. Only a physical office and a warehouse is an essential requirement for Industrial License.
  • Local Industrial License is also a must from the area where your business operates.
  • Ten workers must be there for getting the industrial license
  • Minimum capital requirement: Dhs 250000

Documents Required for an Industrial License in Dubai:

The documents required for an industrial license in Dubai is different from the others. It includes a report, where all the information will be added related to the factory’s plans. The motive behind opening the industry, the exact cost of the production, and the production tools, which will be used by the factory.

  • Feasibility study
  • Approval of the national media council
  • Ministry of internal approval
  • Ministry of water and environment approval
  • General balance copy
  • Approval of national media council

Those who are non-citizen must carry a summary of the citizen registration along with them.

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Subsidiary Company Setup in UAE

We cannot ignore how friendly the Government of Dubai is and the business owners who want to start their business in Dubai. Therefore, they all have launched the concept for the subsidiary company Act. According to the act, the foreign company can set up their business in Dubai by following the Rules and Regulations. If you want the Subsidiary Company Setup in UAE, you must read out the information below. company registration in uae

company registration in uae

How to Setup a Subsidiary of a Foreign Company in Dubai?

Dubai is not only famous for its tourist destinations, but it is also famous for the business opportunities for the business owners. Dubai is a country, which is business-friendly as investors and entrepreneurs reach to Dubai to start their business.

If you want to expand your existing business in Dubai, you should start with the subsidiary company set up in UAE first. It is very beneficial as it involves a number of benefits and offers a business owner a great number of benefits.

Steps That You Should Follow While Establishing a Subsidiary in Dubai, UAE

The biggest and the most essential thing that you should follow while subsidiary company formation in UAE is registering your company along with the DED.

  • The name of the business that you are selecting must be unique
  • All the trading activities can only be performed after approval from the Department of Economic Development.
  • One must submit all the information of the shareholders and direction to the Department of Economic Development.
  • After getting approval from the DED related to Setup a Branch Office in the UAE, one can easily apply for the trade license from the Chamber of commerce and industry.

company registration in uae

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Branch Office Setup in UAE?

To have a better understanding of the branch office set up in UAE, you must understand its advantages. So, let’s crack all the things in detail.

If you are going to start any business in the United Arab Emirates, you must have a lavish lifestyle. As the lifestyle of Dubai is completely different from other countries, so it will only be difficult for you to adopt the same lifestyle.

To register your business along with Dubai, you can easily grab the benefit from the free zone.

The major advantage of choosing subsidiary company registration is that there will no restriction behind the exchange of currencies; one can choose any of the currency that suits them the best.

One can quickly grab the benefit from the 100% tax exemption on both personal income as well as corporate income.

We hope that you have cleared with all the major things related to how to set up a subsidiary company in Dubai, but if you still have doubts related to it, then you can reach the team of the Business Link who are available most of the time to assist you.

Professional License in Dubai, UAE

If you plan to start your business in Dubai or the Mainland, you must have a professional license in Dubai. The professional license is very much beneficial for companies and those looking for professional license activities. Such professional business includes artists and designers. A Professional license in the UAE is own by a single person. If there will be more than a person’s involvement, then the company will be named a civil corporation.

For Whom the Professional License is Beneficial?

The department of economic development or DED is the one who is responsible for all the activities related to the professional license in Dubai. They are the one who offers a license to the multiple business types. While getting your professional license, then you must learn about the category of your business.

Here is the list of the companies for whom the professional license is beneficial:

  • Financial advisors, accountants, and auditors
  • Entertainment artists and advertising professionals
  • Business consultants
  • Medical representatives
  • Technical services
  • Consultancy services
  • Printing and publishing
  • Web designing and internet services
  • Teachers and educational professionals
  • Carpentry and artisan activities
  • Beauty salons
  • Health and medical services

The list of the major business that requires DED professional license to have more information about it, you can consult Business Link team.

Activities Included in the License

Below are some of the major activities included in professional license UAE :

  • Consultancy
  • Artisanship
  • Document clearing
  • Printing and publishing
  • Beauty salons and many more

What are the Advantages of Getting a Professional License?

A professional license is also very beneficial. If you are going to apply for it, then you should understand all about it. So, let’s have a look below.

  • Offers 100% foreign ownership
  • Flexible market
  • There will be no excessive income tax or corporate tax involved within the professional license.
  • Cost-effective
  • The renewal for the license can be done easily with simple and quite easier steps.
  • There is a huge list of the type of businesses that you want to choose

Documents Required to Apply for the Professional License in Dubai

  • Rental contract
  • Ejari registration
  • Copy of the visa of all the foreign partners
  • Xerox copies of the passports of both of the owners as well as partners

How to Get a Professional License in UAE?

The major step, which can help you to get a professional license is that you should hire a person who has all the knowledge about the legal formalities, which will ease the process of getting a license. We hope that you got cleared with all the things related to the professional license in Dubai.

In this case, if you need more information, then you can seek the services from us. We have a team of experts who are having all the knowledge about the licenses, and they can clear all the doubts related to how to get a professional license in UAE?

Corporate Sponsorship in UAE

Dubai is a big playground to flourish your corporate business. It is an international market that attracts customers from across the world. It is like a golden opportunity to set up your business in this trading hub especially when expo and shopping festival approaching the place. Like every coin has two sides, there’s another side to set up business in Dubai as well as have a corporate sponsorship in UAE.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship in Dubai

Here the Emirati holds 51% of the company share as stipulated by the law. It is not necessary for the UAE national to have any experience or qualification in the field of business he/she is sponsoring. This does not mean that the owner is second. All rights related to the company’s management, financial decisions, manpower management is taken by the owner. The sponsor avoids getting into these criticalities. Another amazing fact is that the corporate sponsor does not restrict to 51% of profit share, rather they decide to receive a lump sum payment annual as finalized while signing the contract. This step keeps all profit in the pocket of the business owner only.

set up business in Dubai

The major reason behind not opting for individual local sponsors and selecting corporate sponsors is individual liberty related to the company’s decision and financial security.

Documents Required:

You need to present all documents related to the company set up including id & education proofs, office space renting documents, bank statements, visas, etc.

Why Business Link UAE?

Go for corporate sponsorship in UAE with Business Link UAE. Here are some of the benefits you would want to have for your business too

  • Easy business set up
  • Quick and hassle-free documentation even in the Arabic language
  • Help finalize corporate sponsor in UAE
  • Assure no interference from the sponsor and complete control of the business with the owner
  • Retention of financial profits with the owner
  • The detailed contract between owner and sponsor to reserve the rights of both parties
  • Obtaining all kinds of visa and licenses