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Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark Registration in uae

Trademark Registration Services in Dubai

Owning a business in the UAE is like a dream come true for many. From high revenue to exposure to the international market to tax relaxations, the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai are numerous. But before you enjoy the benefits of running a business, you need to observe various rules and regulations of the country, one of which is trademark registration in the UAE. As we are well-aware, the trademark means owning a brand name or logo for your business. So, if you are planning to set up a business in UAE, we at Business Link UAE are here to guide you through the trademark registration process.

Benefits of Logo Trade Mark Registration

Dubai trademark registration is valid for 10 years and comes with numerous benefits, including

  • Secures the identity of your business and differentiate you from your competitors
  • Gives you the right to sue other companies in case of infringement against unauthorized use of your trademark
  • If trademark register then you can protect yourself from getting sue by another company
  • Act as proof of your legally protected rights
  • It values the growth of business and can be a franchise
  • This improves your business image and speaks your vision

Logo Trademark registration process in the UAE

Business Link UAE is one of the best consultants and is here to help you with the legalities involved in the trademark registration process that include following formalities or steps

  • The initial investigation starts with the submission of the application with the Trademarks Registrar Office.
  • Trademarks Registrar Office investigates/cross-checks. If the trademark applies to the registration and being used by anyone or unique
  • Unique trademark needs submission of application with an image of the trademark.
  • Require document (mention below in the blog) together with the fees (filing fee is AED 1000 + other charges)
  • Application publish by Trademarks Registrar Office in 2 local newspaper
  • Any other business can file the case for duplicity within 30 days of this publication
  • If no case/opposition receive within 30 days, trademark registration and a certificate of registration is issued

Documents required for Trademark Registration

  • Application form for requesting trademark registration service
  • Trademark sample that includes – soft copy of the trademark image in black and white color
  • Applicant’s passport, ID, and contact details
  • Copy of application certificate of incorporation in case of a corporate applicant
  • Trademark registration certificate from another country, if it already registers somewhere
  • Fee payment
  • Power of attorney- In case you choose Business Link UAE trademark registration service, you need to appoint us as the power of attorney to complete the process on your behalf

Cost/fee involved in the registration process

  • Filling fees – AED 1000
  • Publication in 2 local newspaper – AED 1500
  • Trademark certificate – AED 10000
  • Other charges, if any

For a smooth and quick process of trademark registration, connect with us. We are a reputed consultancy operating for the past 18 years in UAE. Our aim to make you focus on your business and leave the legalities to us. We want all our clients to have an amazing experience in Dubai, so we guide them throughout the process.