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UAE Visa Services

UAE Visa Services

We at Business Link UAE, you can get the best and highly-professional pro services, including visa services. Along with this, you can get the best consultation related to UAE visa services. We are aware of all the rules and regulations related to the visa, whether it is related to the nanny, family, investor, or whether it is associated with employment. Being the best visa services provider, we are here to discuss all our visa services.

Types of Visa Services in Dubai

While you are going to visit Dubai, then you will see that there are different types of visa services in Dubai and Business Link Dubai is the one which deals in all such services.

Employment Visa

An employment visa is one, which is very beneficial for those who want to make a career in Dubai. Moreover, it is very beneficial for local investors. The companies, who are looking to expand their business in the United Arab Emirates, can easily go for an employment visa. To get the visa, they all just need to get approval from the UAE Ministry of labor and social affairs.

Investor or Partner Visa

The investor visa in UAE is beneficial for all those new business owners, who are looking to start their own business in Dubai. While a person chooses an investor or partner visa in UAE, then he has to live in Dubai for up to three years. This is very beneficial for foreign business owners. To get the investor visa, a business owner needs to fill documents and submit some security.

Residence or Family Sponsorship Visa

While talking about the sponsoring family in Dubai, then the only person can apply for the visa, who is having his family or relative living in Dubai. Depending upon the rules and regulations, a person can easily take his children, spouse, and parents, along with him to Dubai. But the condition is a person has to satisfy some rules and regulations to get the visa.

How to Apply for a Visa in UAE?

The rules and regulations for getting a visa in Dubai are quite simple or easy as compare to the other countries. But the person has to specify their exact reason to visit Dubai. Depending upon your requirement, you have to apply for the visa. Some of the things that you must keep in mind while applying for a visa in the United Arab Emirates.

  • You must learn about the type of visa you want to have
  • You must have an idea of whether you want to apply along with the agent or embassy.
  • Requirements for applying for the visa according to the citizen
  • You must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • You should be a citizen of GCC countries
  • Citizen of non-USA countries
  • Citizen of the other nations


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