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Visa Services in UAE

Visa Services in UAE

To be able to set up a business in the UAE, one first needs to get the right type of Visa and enter the country legally. The purpose of the visit will decide the type of Visa one might need. The government issues different types of Visa Services in the UAE and the entry and time of stay depend on that. Visa Services in UAE

Types of Visa Services in Dubai

Business Link is a popular consultancy that provides various types of visa services. They provide a hassle-free Visa Process. Here are the different visa services Business Link provides: Visa Services in UAE

Employment or Work Visa

If you are seeking a job in Dubai, it is compulsory to have an employment or work visa. With an employment visa, you can travel in and out of the country without having to undergo any formalities. Having a job offer from UAE based company is a prerequisite for the employment visa.

Investor/ Partner Visa

This is a type of business visa which is needed by new investors looking to set up business in the UAE. The best way to get an investor visa is through a business consultant. The UAE government allows investors to stay and do business in the country for a maximum of three years.

Residence visa

A residence visa or family sponsorship visa can be obtained if you want to bring in a family member into the country. This type of visa has multiple terms and conditions and is not easy to obtain.

Maid Visa

Families in Dubai looking for a maid or nanny can sponsor a maid visa. One can take professional advice for going through the process of obtaining a maid visa.

Why is document clearance important?
Documentation and legal permissions are a must for doing business in UAE. It is a time taking process and best done with the help of PRO services in Dubai. The best in the market, Business Link UAE helps its clients through the document clearance process.

Business Link’s PRO service is quick and easy, thus consuming very little of the client’s time. They take care of all documents and approvals required for the visa, company formation, and other government-related tasks. Outsourcing the PRO service is a much better option than having an internal PRO team. You can save a lot of money and need not worry about the process at all. Business Link consultancy ensures PRO services with full transparency. They look after all the legal work and provide a detailed report about the procedures to the clients. With Business Link and its experienced consultants, you have the best PRO services in the UAE.

UAE Residence Visa services

Out of all the visa services mentioned, the residence visa in UAE involves multiple terms and conditions based on the purpose of stay. Business Like PRO services is known for processing the residency visa much faster. They take care of all steps right from the application till you get approval. To stay in Dubai for long-term business Residency Visas is require.

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